Indian Wells Masters Tickets

Indian Wells Masters Tickets Information

Looking to watch the Indian Wells Masters from the tennis courts at the venue? Get all the latest information on the 2018 Indian Wells Masters Tickets here.

If you have always wanted to enjoy quality tennis featuring the best ranked players, then the Masters events are your best bet (Considering that the tickets at Grand Slams are sometimes rather costly).

Apart from the points awarded to the players and sets played in men’s half, everything else is pretty much similar to the Grand Slams. You can enjoy the action in such events on a very reasonable budget.

If you are looking to get your hands on the 2018 BNP Paribas Open tickets, then you should sign up for their official newsletter here. The package based tickets are already up for sale, while the daily tickets and hospitality deals will be released soon.

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The tickets are available across five categories of seats – Prime Loge, Stadium Box, Courtside Box, Premium Courtside and Front Box. The last option is the best way to enjoy the action, and obviously the most pricey one.


Indian Wells Masters Seat Map

When it comes to packages, you have three deals to choose from – Mini Packages, Group Packages and Series Packages.

The Mini Packages comprise of several combinations of certain days of the tournaments. For example, there is the Kick-Off Weekend package, for the starting weekend.

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Then, there’s the Mid-Week Package, followed by Evening and Championship Weekend Packages. These deals are suitable if you are looking to attend a specific section of the tournament, which in many cases, are the finals.

Coming to the prices, the Prime Loge tickets can be bought at $510 for the starting weekend, while for the finals, the same can be bought at $430.

As we move up in the seat categories, the prices increase too. The Front Box tickets for the championship weekend can be anywhere around $1,310 – $2,040.

Same for the semifinals and final can be between $2,200 – $3,485. While these prices may seem exorbitant, do keep in mind that the same quality of seats at a Grand Slam event can be twice as expensive (or even thrice).

Group packages are suitable if you are looking to attend the tournament with your friends, families or coworkers. You should get in touch with the customer representatives at BNP Paribas Open for more details on this front.

The Series Package is ideal for those die-hard fans who don’t want to miss even a single moment at the 2018 Indian Wells.

The tickets are available for Stadium 1, Stadium 2 and Stadium 3. In Stadium 1, the box seats can be purchased depending on the sections of the stadium.

The prices here start at $2,200 for the Stadium Box category in the East section, and can go as high as $9,800 for the Front Box seats in the North/South Category. As for the Stadium 1 Loge seats for the entire series can be bought at $725.