Looking to buy Paris Masters Tickets? Here's how to do it.

2017 Rolex Paris Masters Tickets Details

The ninth and the final tournament in the Masters 1000 series is the Paris Masters and it will be played later this year from the last week of October this year. Latest information on the Paris Masters Tickets has been released and can be found below.

The tickets for the 2017 Paris Masters will go on sale for the general public from September 5. Considering how important and popular this tournament is, it is a good idea to get your hands on these tickets at the earliest, from the official website.

Paris Masters tickets are available across four categories, ranging from 1 to 4. Category 1 seats are the superior kind, while the Category 4 seats lie in the final few rows of the stadium.

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Apart from this, you also have a Category OR, wherein, the seats lie closer to the court. These seats are in every way, superior to the above four kinds, but can be purchased only for multi-day packages.

Tickets can be purchased either for day session, night session or full day session. If you are looking to attend the event for the whole day, then buying a full day session ticket is ideal, considering that it is significantly cheaper than buying two individual session tickets.

Full day session ticket for first round cost €32 in Category 2, while the same in Category 1 costs €40. Category 3 and Category 4 seats are available from second round matches.

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A full day session ticket for second round matches in Category 4 seats cost €27, while the Category 1 seat for the same type are priced at €70.

Interestingly, unlike the other tournaments, the quarterfinals, semifinals and final tickets are priced the same, for respective categories. Category 4 seats for either of three cost €39, while the Category 1 seats cost €100.

Coming to multi-day packages, you have the Emotion Package, which is applicable to the final few rounds of the tournament, that is from quarterfinals to final. The rates here start at €130 for Category 4 and can go till €500 for Category OR.

You also have the Emotion Package, which is valid for all the seven days of the tournament. The rates here vary between €378 – €711.

If you are looking to entertain guests or clients, then you can consider buying Corporate Hospitality packages.

These are categorized as ‘Lounge’, ‘Master Club’, ‘Set Club’ and ‘Passing.’ For obvious reasons, these packages are considerably more expensive than the individual tickets, but they come with their own range of benefits.

For instance, you get access to world class lounges, along with best possible seats for the action on Centre Court.

The prices here can be anywhere between €65 to €305.