Miami Masters Tickets

How to Buy 2018 Miami Masters Tickets

The 2018 edition of the Miami Open, also known as the Miami Masters, will be played in March-April. And if you are looking to buy the Miami Masters tickets, this is a good place to understand all your options.

The ticketing information for the 2018 Miami Masters can be found here. The individual session tickets will be out for sale in November 2017 and it is a good idea to subscribe to their newsletter for latest updates and information.

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The seats are divided in four categories – Box seats, dubbed as Level 100, Suites, which are at Level 200, Series, which are at Level 300 and lastly, Individual, which are at Level 400.

You can also consider buying ticket packages if you are looking to attend the event for multiple days. This is a good deal since you can save as much as 40% in comparison to individual tickets.

The Patron Sponsorship Package includes access to the Level 100 seats for the duration of the tournament. It comes with exciting benefits like name recognition at seat location and entrance, parking vouchers, access to lounge with complementary snacks and beverages, meal vouchers and many more. The tickets start at $3,525 per person.

The next deal is the Championship Series package, which comes with seats on the Level 300. While no perks are included here, you do get access to all the matches in the tournament (including the ones played at outer courts). Here, the prices start at $1,400 per person.

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You can also buy packages for opening weekend or the finals weekend, depending on your preference. However, the seats here are available for only 400 Level category and the prices here are a little over $200.

If you are looking to entertain a group of people, then the packages like Patron Sponsorship and Hospitality Suites are the way to go. For prices, you need to contact the customer representatives at Miami Open. These packages come at a steep price, but it is worth every penny. In addition to the benefits you get, you will also be treated like a royalty.

If you are visiting Miami on a vacation, then their Vacation Packages are the best deal you can get. The prices will fetch you a three consecutive nights stay for two in one of their partner hotels like Ritz Carlton, JW Marriott Marquis or Hyatt Regency, depending on the package chosen. Correspondingly, you get access to seats in the Levels 100, 300 or 400.

The Gold Package will fetch you Level 100 seats and stay in Ritz Carlton or JW Marriott along with other benefits, for a price of $6,000.

The Silver or Bronze Package will get you the seats in the lower categories, along with the stay in Hyatt. The rates here vary between $1,175 – $2,200. Remember that the prices here are for two people.

You can also browse through the VIP Experience programs, which entail, as the name suggests, treating the patrons like a VIP. Depending on the package you choose, you can get access to Courtside Box to enjoy the match, or you can even be a part of the player coin toss!

Yes, you read it right.

If you choose the Player Coin Toss package, you get to go down in the middle of the court to toss the coin and decide which player serves first. Of course, this also includes taking your picture with the tennis players. Additionally, you also get access to Collectors Club for lunch or dinner.

The prices for these programs can vary anywhere between $2,750 – $2,970 for two people. If you have a MasterCard, you can save roughly $200 on these tickets.