While you start out to learn how to play tennis doubles, make sure that you know the exact rules of the game and the positions of the court that are vital for the game. The technique, the positioning and the strategy all needs to be well known.

Starting out to play doubles can be a very daunting task and even challenging and disconcerting at some points.

This particular type of tennis can be played between two pair of players there are certain principles to the games like there are to every game. There are also tactics that can be applied. The rules aren’t very different to those in a singles match but there are a few things that need to be remembered.

The real difference that can be accounted for between singles and doubles is the strategy used, the tactics played and the psychology.

A player just has to learn a few basic rules and different strokes and he or she shall gain experience from just playing a match. The basic things to be known are where to serve, how to gain points and the boundaries of the court. For a player to get familiar with this kind of play, he needs to know of the sidelines, the sequences of serving and that he will be only playing from one side of the court.

Then there is another thing to deal with, coordinating with the partner. The only way to get familiarized with this way of playing is to actually go out and practice and if all the players seem to be unexperienced there should be coach present to watch over everyone.

Things to Keep in Mind While Playing Doubles

  • Always pick a partner that you think complements your style
  • Always keep in touch with your partner and talking before the match leads to a better game
  • Pick the side you’re going to return
  • Always make firm decisions on choosing to play either the forehand or the backhand
  • Choose who will go ahead and serve first and then always keep the sequence in mind
  • When serving, the same order as followed in singles is followed. The first point is always served from the deuce court, followed by the second point being served from the ad court and then it goes on
  • While receiving, stay on the side from which you’re returning the serve. This avoids possible confusions during the match

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Keeping the Ball Going

When you’re playing tennis the only way to win is keeping the ball in play longer than your opposing team. For beginners, it is always advised to keep it simple and just wait for your opponent to make a mistake.

As you start playing regularly, your gameplay will obviously improve and hence you will also develop strategies and tactics.

The main advice that is always given out is that maximize the angles and spaces so as to lower the chances of your opponent to hit the shot and hence scoring points.

While in doubles, players need to be familiarized with different areas of the court and pick up on how to play certain shots.

Volleying is a Crucial Cog

Controlling the net is one of the most critical things in playing tennis and it can get trickier while playing doubles. It is easier to score points near the net as you have a greater space to volley and since there are two players playing, you can place your shots near the net very easily.

Usually at the start one player is positioned at the baseline while the other stands near the net.

However, whenever it is possible in the game the player at the baseline should also come towards the net. Also a player really needs to be good with his/her volleys if they want to succeed at doubles.

Other Than Volleying…

The overhead is used quite a lot in doubles aside from volleys.

When both of the players are up at the net, it is very hard to play a shot that is being passed because there is very little space. The player need to know how to play a good overhead because otherwise they will be very vulnerable as they wouldn’t be able to hit the lob.

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The Lob and the Overhead

These are the different ways you could get back at your opponents. In doubles, everything needs to be hit at an angle and if it gets returned by any chance then the game is open to a smash. Or otherwise, you could hit it in the middle of the players to try to get some points.

Placing the Serve

If the serve is placed good, it would always put the opponents in a dilemma and hence give you an advantage but more so in doubles since that is the only time during gameplay it’s just you and a single opponent.

You could always consider, the weaker wing of the returner and always keep in mind that the server’s partner always has a better chance at volleying the ball. It is also a general tactic to hit to the weaker side.

Returning the Serve

The best way to return is to return crosscourt which will send it back to the server and make it hard to volley for him.

If the server is coming towards the net, then the return should be put out low and if he is staying back then the return should be deep or angled so as to make it hard for him/her to hit.

Team Work

Having a partner on court can either make you feel secure and confident or on the hand you could be doubting yourself and be self-conscious.

If you ever do something wrong it always makes you think if you made your partner angry. Contrary, when your partner does something you should try never losing your cool. There should always be good communication and pre-match discussions. Always try and encourage each other and also discuss strategies.