Match for Africa Tickets for Federer-Nadal Match Sold Out in 10 Minutes

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While the US Open fans have been denied a Roger Federer v Rafael Nadal match-up, for those who can afford it, there’s one lined up in February next year in Cape Town, South Africa. The catch, however, is its tickets, which were released yesterday, were all sold out in a matter of 10 minutes.

Yes, that’s correct, a little less than 50,000 tickets for the Federer-Nadal exhibition match, termed Match for Africa, were sold out in 10 minutes, leaving a few more disgruntled fans. However, there might be good news for those who are still interested.

This match is played for the Roger Federer Foundation, raising money for the educational and athletic programs for children in Africa. And this demand for its tickets isn’t surprising at all given what has happened in the past as well, most notably for the first ever such match played in 2010 at the Hallenstadion; over 10,500 tickets getting sold out in as much time as has been the case right now.

While this is the sixth edition of these matches to raise money for the foundation, seven matches have been played so far, with Federer having played in each of them. This will be Nadal’s third match.

And the tickets for this match that will be played in February 2020 were sold at the Computicket website for a price range of R150 to R1950, but that didn’t deter the fans from buying them all.

Not that those who didn’t get the tickets were too impressed by the development, with many of the fans taking to social media to complain about the non-purchase.

Computicket said on Twitter:

“Due to high demand, tickets for the much-anticipated Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal ‘The Match in Africa for the benefit of the Roger Federer Foundation’ are sold out.”

“Tickets sold out in just over 10 minutes. In store tickets that were available, are also sold out.”

The good news for fans is that the organisers have promised they would look into erecting temporary stands to allow for an increase in capacity and sell more tickets but a decision around this is yet to be taken.

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