Tennis News Today: Nick Kyrgios Fined and Given Suspended Ban

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Kyrgios, who has been known for disruptive behaviour on court, has been given a suspended ban after an investigation that was conducted following his second round match at the Cincinnati Masters.

It was in the aforementioned match he insulted the umpire Fergus Murphy at the end of the second set, broke two rackets walked off court and uttered an audible obscenity. Kyrgios had also said that Murphy was “the worst ref in the game, hands down” and for his behaviour that match, was fined a whopping sum of $113,000.

Kyrgios has had past encounters with Murphy where they clashed at the Washington Open and the Queen’s Club Championships warm-up tournament this year.

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On closing of the investigation, Kyrgios was not given an immediate suspension but was put on a probationary period of six months as the investigation found him guilty of having a “pattern of behaviour” of verbally abusing officials or spectators in the past 12 months and therefore guilty of Aggravated Behaviour under the Player Major Offense provision in the ATP Code under the official 2019 ATP Rulebook.

The fine of $25,000 and the 16 weeks ban that were given to Kyrgios are subjected to a probationary period of six months which means that the fine and the ban will be dropped if Kyrgios complies to certain rules laid out by ATP which are committing no further court violations or unsportsmanlike conduct, help from a mental coach during ATP tournaments and availing additional support during the off-season from behaviour management professionals.

The world No.27 has promised his followers on Instagram that he will be on his “best behaviour” during his probation period and has assured fans that he will still be able to play.

Kyrgios has had a rather long history of misbehaviour on court. In 2016, he was fined and suspended for tanking at the Shanghai Masters and defaulted at the Italian Open this year where he, among other things, hurled a chair across the court.

The Aussie has successfully followed through on one probationary period in 2015 and will hope to sail through this six month period as well.

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