Tennis New Today: Djokovic’s Father Expresses Displeasure in His Son’s Crowd Support

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Novak Djokovic is commonly in the news in every crunch match he plays. Of course, that’s not just because of his game but also because he has shaky relationship with fans around the world.

In the latest interview after the Grand Slam tournament, Australian Open, Novak Djokovic’s father, Srdjan Djokovic hit out at the fans telling they ‘cheered for the Austrian’ and called it as a ‘disrespect to Novak’. Srdjan was referring to the match against Dominic Thiem at the Australian Open 2020 final.

The Serbian star has never always been the favorite of the crowd, more particularly when the match is against Federer or Nadal. Although it was expected that Novak Djokovic would have the loudest cheer for the night, it was not really. The unexpected support to his opponent did irritate Novak Djokovic during the match but it was not enough to stop him from capturing the crown for the eighth time.

During the interview following the final, Srdjan spoke about the bias of the crowd when his son plays.

He said:

“Seven-time Australian Open champion plays on centre court where he never lost any match, in the final, and he plays against some Austrian and they cheer for the Austrian, just imagine the disrespect to Novak.”

He continued that it was ‘unbelievable’ but it was the same in New York, London and Madrid but better in Paris.

Srdjan told that this bias from the crowd is mostly because the Serbian dominated the game over the last few years and it could not be comprehended by some people. He remained sure that his son will go down as the ‘best player in history’. In his support, Srdjan said that not cheering Novak will only give additional energy and in every parameter, he will become the best player in history.

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Srdjan believed that Novak Djokovic is the best in every aspect and once his tennis career is over, he will live in his country, in his city. The Serbian’s dad also directed at Nadal who according to him could not handle the support Novak got during the ATP Cup.

Djokovic senior said:

“In Sydney, when Serbia won the ATP Cup, there were many Serbians and Nadal couldn’t handle that and that happens to Novak for the past 15 years and he never complains.”

Novak Djokovic is two Grand Slam wins away from levelling things with Nadal and three to be equal with Federer.

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