Which Canadians are Heading to Wimbledon 2021?

Eugenie Bouchard at Wimbledon
Photo Credit: Tatiana

Wimbledon is a major highlight of the world tennis calendar. The competition held in south-west London attracts huge media attention thanks to its history and celebrated matchups.

The first tennis tournament at Wimbledon took place in 1877. In 1884 a women’s championship was added to the tournament along with men’s doubles. Women’s doubles and mixed doubles joined the championship in 1913.

Wimbledon generally takes place over two weeks at the end of June and the start of July. It is always an attractive proposition for the world’s best players to travel to and compete.

Wimbledon is one of the four grand slam tournaments, also known as the majors. Along with the Australian, French and US Open, it is among the most prestigious of tennis competitions.

Canada Take on Wimbledon

This year will see a selection of highly rated Canadian players hoping to progress at Wimbledon.

Eugenie Bouchard will be foremost in many people’s minds as a successful Canadian hoping to do well this year. The former finalist in 2014 is one of Canadian tennis’ biggest names and was once ranked as high as 5th in the world.

Liam Draxl is a young Canadian star and bright hope for the future. The highest-ranking college player on NCAA rankings will make another Wimbledon showing this year.

The 19-year-old has previously appeared at Wimbledon, the Australian Open, French Open and U.S. Open as a junior. He has finished runner up in the Junior doubles with the American player Govind Nanda.

Three Canadian players tipped for a successful run at Wimbledon are Milos Raonic, Denis Shapovalov and Felix Auger-Aliassime.

This year in the Australian Open the three players made a big impression. Raonic reached the fourth-round, a feat well in keeping with his former best ranking of 3rd in the world in 2016.

Shapovalov is amongst the best players in the world. Currently ranked in the top 15, the 22-year-old rose to prominence in 2017 by reaching the Canadian Open semi-final.

For his part, Auger-Aliassime reached the fourth round of the US Open last year. Currently ranked in the world at 22nd, the player is a strong hope for Canadian tennis.

Another Canadian player widely tipped to be successful at Wimbledon this year is the doubles specialist Gabriela Dabrowski. The player has wide experience of the Grand-Slams and finished runner up in the double’s tournament at Wimbledon in 2019.

A semifinal finish in the previous year’s Wimbledon underlines her reputation and skill. This year she will be a favourite to claim the biggest prize of all.

A player with a huge amount of experience in the game is Vasek Popisil. The player has made eight previous appearances at Wimbledon and reached the Quarterfinal in 2015. Also competing in the doubles, Popisil has a good chance of progressing past the opening days of the contest.

Canada certainly looks to be a good bet for lighting up the tournament in Wimbledon this year. With a good balance of youth and experience, the players representing the country are among the favourites to have a great summer.

The Increase of Betting on Tennis Tournaments

Tennis is a hugely popular sport across the world and Wimbledon. Every year, many people place sports bets on tennis tournaments.

Placing bets on the game has seen an even more dramatic increase in recent years. With new online portals offering fans an easier way to experience user-friendly betting, the sport has been an important part of the rise.

The whole of the gambling industry in the USA and Canada had been experiencing rapidly changing developments in its legalisation and regulations.

With various regions across the countries accepting the full range of benefits that the industry can offer, the possibilities for new business are endless.

Making a wager on the outcome of the games at Wimbledon is sure to be of interest to all sorts of tennis fans especially many Americans and Canadians who can now legally place online sports bets.

With Canadian success in tennis looking likely to continue it is only natural that the sport will attract even more subscribers to its sports betting potential. Tennis has many positives associates with it that make it an appealing sport to follow and bet on.

For one, tennis has a wide number of statistics and scores to bet on. Current models of betting options are varied in their specifications, and tennis is a sport that makes the most of this.

Rather than just simply betting on the ultimate winner of the match, fans can also bet on correct scores. Viewers could also try to bet on the number of games or sets that a player wins in the contest.

Longer bets based on the entire run of the competition are also hugely popular with tennis fans. Bets can be placed on the eventual winner of Wimbledon before the tournament starts.

Similarly, the last eight could be predicted for good odds – with a bet on those that reach the Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals and Final in men’s, women’s and doubles adding great interest to the entire two weeks.

Whatever happens this year, it looks sure that Canadian players have a great chance of showing their abilities to the full at Wimbledon. Many will be enjoying the action across the world with intense interest.