Ramkumar Ramnathan Aims to Kick on from Newport Success, Play More ATP 250 & 500

Ramkumar Ramnathan to Play more ATP 250s

Indian tennis player Ramkumar Ramnathan says he will pursue more opportunities on the ATP Tour on the 250 and 500 circuit and scale back his participation of the Challenger Series in 2019.

The 24-year old has already resumed training for the new year with his coaching team of Juan Balcells and Sergio Casal.

Speaking to The Times of India, the Chennai born player said he was looking to prepare for the Maharastra Open and then the first Grand Slam of the year in the form of Australian Open before looking to represent at the the Davis Cup.

He added:

“But I want to play a lot of ATP 250s and 500s next season and I am probably going to pick and choose the Challengers. I want to break it up periodically.”

Besides working with his full time coaches, the No. 133 ranked player has been doing some extra work with former Indian cricket team trainer Ramji Srinivasan.

He employed Srinivasan in a bid to improve his fitness level, and him in combination with his personal trainer Suresh have mapped out a rigorous fitness program for the player, who reached a highest ranking of 111 in July of this year.

Ramanathan’s schedule includes a well rounded body improvement regime with a focus on each part of his body, and it is the first time that he is doing so on an individual level, rather than what he has been doing so far, which is train within a group at an academy.

He made special mention of his glutes and said he hopes it will help him not just improve his level of fitness, but also his recovery time.

The Barcelona resident became the first Indian to reached an ATP Final in Newport in July, has been spending more time concentrating on his service returns, in particular his backhand as well as his quickness and movement around the court.

He also said he oped the work he is currently putting in now will reap rewards in 2019 and beyond.

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