Federer Unhappy with Kermode Removal

Roger Federer v Denis Istomin Live Streaming, Prediction
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Roger Federer reckons that the ATP Player Council needs to make it clear where the game of tennis is going, because as it stands now there is a lack of clarity around it.

The maestro said whilst tennis is a healthy sport in a lot ways, behind scenes it is a different story. At the political level, especially given the way the exit of ATP Association of Tennis Professionals president, Chris Kermode was handled, it looks like things needed to change.

In an interview with Tennis Channel, Federer said:

“I think everything [in tennis] is going great and then you talk about politics and you’re like ‘Oh my God, what’s going on here?”

“So I think we really need to figure it out, and I think I’d like to just feel the pulse of where we’re about to go.”

The exit of Kermode, the ATP President who was outed last week, has prompted Federer to meet up with Rafael Nadal in an attempt to clear the air around the situation. Kermode, 54, had his contract dismissed by three players’ representatives and this has led to an outcry from both ATP players and tournaments.

According to a report, Kermode will cease to have his contract renewed after the current one expires.

Furthermore, there are fears that a change of position at the top will delay any improvements in the game.

The removal of Kermode has left fans, players and everyone involved in the tennis world shocked by the decision. Furthermore, Robin Haase – a strong supporter of Kermode – indicated that the council was going to fire him last year.

If reports are to be believed, the long-standing conflict between Kermode and Djokovic ultimately led to his downfall.

Kermode had led the tennis world with a steady hand up till now and there were quite a few positive developments including the increase in prize money.

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