Tennis can Lead the Way for Other Sports: Murray

Andy Murray Advocates for Equality in Tennis

Andy Murray isn’t known to mince any words when it comes to supporting the women’s cause in tennis and he has taken the lead in pushing for tennis to become one of the first sports that wholeheartedly supports equality.

Murray, who has been a frequent proponent of equal pay for men and women in tennis, said the sport is still a long way away from getting there.

Having been coached by a former French women’s tennis player Amelie Mauresmo, Murray reckons he has a few insights on how the sport works when it comes to disparity between the two genders.

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In article for, Murray said:

“My experience of working with Amelie Mauresmo gave me a small insight into attitudes to women in sport. She wasn’t always treated the same as men in similar jobs.”

He also said there was no doubt that women at the top of the WTA ladder have to work as hard and make as many sacrifices as men and needed to be treated equally, something that hasn’t been the case.

The three-time Grand Slam champion also praised the Grand Slams who pay the winner of those competitions the same money, something not too many other sport does.

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“And it’s great that all the Slams pay their male and female champions the same. No other sport is doing as much as tennis, and it’s great to be part of a sport that is leading the way. Hopefully tennis can put pressure on other sports to do the same.”

Murray said with an increase in the number of women in sport, girls watching sports could get inspired into getting into it as well, which is a win-win for any sport.

The Scotsman said it made for a lot of sense for both boys and girls to play tennis together up to a certain age, enumerating benefits like the building of friendships, confidence and hand-eye coordination.

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