The UTR Pro Tennis Series will kick-start in Australia in June as a part of the series of exhibition tennis matches played world over. All the information related to the UTR Pro Tennis Series including its live streaming and its schedule and player-list has been updated below.

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What is the UTR Pro Tennis Series Tournament?

UTR stands for Universal Tennis Ranking which gives rankings for every player featuring in verified and non-verified tennis tournaments. It is now organising an exhibition tennis tournament in Australia beginning in June with the first phase on this competition running till August.

The ranking scale is based on the comparison of the result of every match against the expected result of that match. Let’s assume Player A is facing Player B with the expected result of the match to be Player A to win 6-3, 6-3. If Player A then wins the match 7-5, 7-6, he/she will lose rankings points while Player B will gain points.

This tournament will be played at various venues in Australia, starting at Sydney on June 27.

Watch more on what is the Universal Tennis movement here.

UTR Pro Tennis Series Player List – Who is Playing?

Every tournament will have played in Australia under the UTR Pro Tennis Series will have its own player list and that will be updated closer to the start of respective competitions. Players like Chris O’Connell, Samantha Stosur and Daria Gavrilova are expected to take part.

Probable Player List & Draw

  • TBA

UTR Pro Tennis Series Schedule & Dates

The UTR Pro Tennis Series will begin from June 27 in Sydney and there will be other tournaments will be played in Brisbane and Melbourne from June 29. Later there will be matches in Adelaide and Perth as well and the exact schedule will be released soon.

  • June 27-30: Sydney (Men and Women)
  • June 29-July 2: Melbourne (Men and Women)
  • June 29-July 2: Brisbane (Men and Women)
  • July 5-8: Adelaide (Men)
  • July 7-10: Perth (Men)

What will be this UTR Pro Tennis Series Format?

More details on the format of the UTR Pro Tennis Series are still awaited.

UTR Pro Tennis Series Live Streaming Options

The UTR Pro Tennis Series competition is expected to be telecast live online and on television and more information can be found in the section below.

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How else to watch the UTR Pro Tennis Series live?

The UTR Pro Tennis Series is expected to be live on local TV channels as well but more details will be revealed soon.

Are UTR Pro Tennis Series Tickets Available?

No fans will be allowed inside the stadiums for any of the UTR Pro Tennis Series as things currently stand with respect to the coronavirus pandemic issue. You can obviously watch the live streaming of this event online, and you can look to get involved with this men’s and women’s competition by betting on it by signing up here to get awesome odds with bet365 for this tournament .