Are you looking to understand how to watch tennis live streaming using bet365? Here’s more.

Tennis is a popular sport around the world. In fact, it is widely regarded as the third most popular sport behind football and cricket; it is probably safe to say though, it is more widely followed around the world than cricket, which has its following concentrated in certain regions.

So why are we mentioning that tennis is more widely followed? Well one of the major drawbacks of having a worldwide following is the fact that some fans in certain parts of the world do not get to watch their favourite tennis players battling it out on the court.

This is mainly down to the broadcasting rights; while most Major events have a lot of takers for the rights, certain tournaments do not get that much attention and are left without being picked up by anyone. This sadly means fans are left with being content with simply viewing the score and not the actual game.

The ATP 250s, the WTA Internationals, the Challengers, the Futures and the ITF-organised competitions are some of such tennis tournaments that are sometimes difficult to watch live.

This is the reality at the moment, understandably so, given that broadcasters require ad revenue to sustain their decision. However, this leaves a lot of fans frustrated at being unable to watch the tennis they want to watch.

The good news is that there are alternatives you can make use of to watch the tennis events you usually do not get to see on television. This option is live streaming of tennis events online. In this age of the internet, most of our activities can be done online, and while most of us may now be watching our favourite shows or movies on popular online streaming apps, not many know you can do the same with tennis matches.

All About Tennis Live Streaming

So what exactly is live streaming? It is just as the name suggests; streaming a live event online, which historically you would watch on the television. An online company buys the rights to broadcast the event on their website in a live stream.

A good example of this is the broadcast of La Liga in Asia. Since the previous season, the broadcasting rights of the Spanish football league has been bought by Facebook. The La Liga matches can now be viewed only through Facebook Live in Asia.

Slowly, but steadily, sports events are getting live streamed online as a strong alternative to being broadcast on television.

Similarly, for tennis fans around the world, the good news is that bet365 has rights to stream live tennis matches* on their website. They have the rights to most of the tennis events on tour; in fact, they have rights to live stream events from a lot of sports, not just tennis. But since we are addressing tennis fans for now, let’s stick to tennis.

So you need not worry about missing out on your tennis fix even if there is no broadcast of the event in your region. Bet365 offers a simple and hassle-free manner of watching tennis live streams online. Fans will be delighted to know that the live streams also work on mobile devices like cell phones and tablets. It is prudent to keep in mind that streaming on mobile devices without a Wi-Fi connection might incur additional data charges from your service provider.

Tennis Live Streaming on Bet365

What could be better than knowing that you can watch most of your tennis matches simply by logging on to bet365 and sitting back? You need not worry about the tennis event not being televised anymore.

So how exactly do you watch the live streams on bet365 and how much would it cost you? The good news here is that the live streams will not cost you anything! Viewing the live matches is absolutely free of cost. However, there are two criteria for the streaming to be available for you:

  • Placing a bet on in the last 24 hours will give you access to the live streams for that period of time.
  • Being a subscribed member of the bet3655 Sport website with a credit account balance.

All you need to do is log in to your bet365 account, go on the live streaming section of the website, and there you will see a panel displaying all the sporting events that are available to be streamed live.

Looking at the panel, you will realise that the website avails a wide variety of events, from multiple sports to be streamed live. It should be noted though, that the availability of the streaming depends solely on the rights.

If another broadcasting company has already bought the rights to an event in your region, bet365 may not be able to stream that event in your region. So all you have to do is check if any company has bought the broadcasting rights in your country. If not, you can be optimistic that bet365 is showcasing it but geo-restrictions could apply at a few of the regions.

How to Open an Account on Bet365?

So as you read above, all you need to view the live streams on bet365 for free is to have an active account with some money credited in that account.

So how do you go about opening an account, and what all do you require to do so?

Simply go to, where you will see an option to login or join the website. If you do not already have an account, you click on “join” which will open a new tab with a form asking you to fill in all your basic information.

Do keep in kind that a person is required to be at least 18 years of age in order to open an account.

Once you have filled in all the correct details on the form, you can submit it. You will then be taken to a portal where you have to fill in the details of your payment method and there are multiple methods as options depending on where you are signing this from.

The minimum amount required at the start is GBP 5 or USD 10. You can choose the currency you want to deal in as well, with bet365 accepting a wide range of currencies.

Once you have filled in all the correct details of your payment method and confirmed it through a verification code, you can submit the form and complete the process. Now you have an account with bet365. This will enable you to watch all the live streams available on the website, at no cost.

Simple, isn’t it? Bet365 continues to be our most trusted bookmaker and you can watch bet on tennis using this link here.

*should have a prefunded account or should have bet in the past 24 hours + geo-restrictions might apply