Looking to contribute for TennisWorldLive.com and have your articles feature next to some of the best tennis writers in the industry? Now, you can do that too. Here’s how.

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TennisWorldLive.com welcomes reader tennis content. For now, we are accepting original written content only but if you are looking to submit original photographs and videos, we will soon allow that too (that feature is in the works!). Some house rules though 🙂

  • Article needs to be related to tennis only (obviously!)
  • Article should be original and not published anywhere else
  • For now, we are accepting tennis articles written in English only
  • Aim at at least 400 words but try to keep it down to 800. We won’t reject articles if they are slightly under or over that if you can keep things interesting though
  • Last, not the least. We aren’t looking for news articles, prefer opinion or feature pieces. So, if Roger Federer wins his 21st Grand Slam title, don’t send us a news article saying he’s won but give your own perspective on that win. Strong opinions. Or your own take.
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We look to publish all articles we receive within 48 hours but if there’s something you think needs to be published quicker, kindly say so in your submissions.

Do we pay for these articles? Not at the moment, no. But if we find your writing interesting, we might offer you a gig in the future? We are more than happy to offer full ownership to the author, along with links to your social media profile – so feel free to send us those details.

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