Madrid Open Tickets

Mutua Madrid Masters Tickets Sale for 2018

Looking to buy the Madrid Open tickets for the 2018 edition of the tournament? Here’s the latest information how to purchase its tickets for this year.

All the relevant ticketing details for Mutua Madrid Open can be found here.

Unlike other tennis tournaments, the tickets for Mutua Madrid Open can be purchased from several official ticketing partners.

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First up, you have, which is a leading tickets site in Spain.

In an attempt to boost on-site sales, the tickets for the tennis tournament have also been made available to several partners such as Halcon Viajes (an online travel agency with several offices across Spain), Ciudad de la Raqueta (a sports facility) and Caja Magica, which is a multipurpose stadium.

The tickets can be purchased for Centre Court and Stadium 2. Buying either of these tickets will get you access to other ground courts as well.

The tickets for Centre Court are available across three categories – 1st, 2nd and 3rd, with 1st being the best category.

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The tickets for day 1 matches for 1st category can be bought at €8 per person, while the same seats for men’s final will cost €163. This is the most you will pay for a seat for a single session in the course of the tournament. Seats in other categories can be purchased for much lower prices.

You can also make considerable savings if you decide to buy passes for multiple days. For instance, the semi-finals pass can be bought for €250 for Category 1 seats. This is a very good deal, seeing that you get to watch both the semifinals. Buying individual tickets for the games can cost you as much as €300.

Everyday passes are also available for die-hard tennis fans, which start at €425.

If you are looking to pamper yourself, then consider purchasing Premium Seats. These seats are built in an exclusive space which is perfect for enjoying the games and networking. First round tickets in this category can cost up to €232, while the same for final can go as high as €537.

More information on the Madrid Open tickets will be released closer to the start of the tournament.