How to buy Australian Open Tickets for the 2018 edition

Buy Australian Open Tickets for 2021

The next edition of the Australian Open will be played in January 2021 & we give you all the information on how to buy these Australian Open tickets.

For now, we are still awaiting whether the Australian government will allow a gathering of those many people at sporting events but the early signs suggest there might be a smaller percentage of fans allowed inside the grounds during the Australian Open in 2021.

Also, if you want to go through our exhaustive tennis ticket guide, kindly click here.

When will the Australian Open be played? – Australian Open 2021 Schedule

The 2021 edition of the Australian Open will be played between February 8-21 with the qualifiers to be played in January in Doha. The tournament will finish with the men’s singles final on February 21.

When Do Australian Open Tickets Go on Sale?

First things first and the big question on every tennis fan’s lips is this. When will the 2021 Australian Open tickets go up on sale? The Australian Open 2021 tickets for general public will go on sale on Wednesday, December 23.

Ticketmaster will also look to improve their technology that will make it easier for fans to buy tickets for the 2020 Australian Open, and minimise the risk of fraud.

Information below is for the 2020 Australian Open. We will update this with the 2021 edition once there’s more information on it.

Process to buy 2021 Australian Open Tickets

  • Once the Australian Open tickets are released on December 23, go to
  • Choose the day for which you want the tickets by clicking on it
  • Select the court – Rod Laver Arena, Margaret Court or Hisense Arena & Ground Passes (ticket prices mentioned below)
  • Select your ticket category by clicking on the SELECT button
  • Select the tickets quantity and pay using your credit card.

Can these Australian Open tickets also be bought at the gate?

For the 2021 edition we are not very sure this would be allowed given the coronavirus pandemic. It would be best to book your Australian Open 2021 tickets online on the dates mentioned above.

Please Note:

Some of the information mentioned from here on could be based on the 2020 Australian Open while some of it might not be applicable for the 2021 edition anyway because of the pandemic. Kindly tread with caution.

How Much do Australian Open Tickets for 2021 Cost?

We are still awaiting the news on the costs of the 2021 Australian Open tickets.

Tickets for the 2020 Australian Open were released on October 8, 2019 and the ticket prices for the competition this year can be found here.

Grounds Pass Price

For starters, what is a Grounds Pass?

A Ground Pass allows patrons access to the Australian Open arena and to the unreserved section of all courts other than the show-courts, i.e. other than the Rod Laver Arena and Margaret Court Arena.

A full-day grounds pass for day one of the Australian Open on January 20, costs AUD 49/person. This price remains the same over the first five days between January 20 and 24 leading up to the first weekend.

On Saturday, January 25 and Sunday, January 26, the grounds pass ticket price increases to AUD 59 per person per day. It remains at AUD 59 for Monday, January 27, and returns to its AUD 49 price for for the remaining days between January 28 and February 2.

In short, grounds pass cost for January 25, 26 and 27: AUD 59/day.

Multiple day grounds pass can also be bought for a discounted price. A three-day ground pass costs AUD 140 while a five-day ground pass has been priced AUD 230. This Australian Open tickets deal for the grounds passes isn’t available for the weekend though.

Rest of the days: AUD 49/day

Rod Laver Arena & Margaret Court Arena Tickets Prices

Ticket prices for a day session of the Rod Laver Arena begin at AUD 62 but progressively increase throughout the week. Similarly, a Margaret Court Arena ticket would cost you AUD 62 but the price remains fairly similar throughout. More information can be found below with the daily minimum prices of an Australian Open ticket mentioned.

January 20

Day Session
Rod Laver Arena: Starting at AUD 62
Margaret Court Arena: Starting at AUD 62

Evening Session
Rod Laver Arena: Starting at AUD 95
Margaret Court Arena: Starting at AUD 62

January 21

Day Session
Rod Laver Arena: Starting at AUD 62
Margaret Court Arena: Starting at AUD 62

Evening Session
Rod Laver Arena: Starting at AUD 95
Margaret Court Arena: Starting at AUD 62

January 22

Day Session
Rod Laver Arena: Starting at AUD 65
Margaret Court Arena: Starting at AUD 62

Evening Session
Rod Laver Arena: Starting at AUD 110
Margaret Court Arena: Starting at AUD 62

January 23

Day Session
Rod Laver Arena: Starting at AUD 65
Margaret Court Arena: Starting at AUD 62

Evening Session
Rod Laver Arena: Starting at AUD 110
Margaret Court Arena: Starting at AUD 62

January 24

Day Session
Rod Laver Arena: Starting at AUD 86
Margaret Court Arena: Starting at AUD 82

Evening Session
Rod Laver Arena: Starting at AUD 135
Margaret Court Arena: Starting at AUD 82

January 25

Day Session
Rod Laver Arena: Starting at AUD 160
Margaret Court Arena: Starting at AUD 82

Evening Session
Rod Laver Arena: Starting at AUD 210
Margaret Court Arena: Starting at AUD 82

January 26

Day Session
Rod Laver Arena: Starting at AUD 110
Margaret Court Arena: Starting at AUD 82

Evening Session
Rod Laver Arena: Starting at AUD 160

January 27

Day Session
Rod Laver Arena: Starting at AUD 86
Margaret Court Arena: Starting at AUD 64

Evening Session
Rod Laver Arena: Starting at AUD 150

January 28

Day Session
Rod Laver Arena: Starting at AUD 94

Evening Session
Rod Laver Arena: Starting at AUD 200

January 29

Day Session
Rod Laver Arena: Starting at AUD 94

Evening Session
Rod Laver Arena: Starting at AUD 200

January 30

Day Session
Rod Laver Arena: Starting at AUD 94

Evening Session
Rod Laver Arena: Starting at AUD 275

January 31

Twilight Session
Rod Laver Arena: Starting at TBA

February 1

Twilight Session
Rod Laver Arena: Starting at AUD 215

February 2

Twilight Session
Rod Laver Arena: Starting at TBA

Australian Open Finals Tickets Prices

The tickets for the Australian Open 2020 finals have also been released. More information on the men’s singles final is still awaited but for the women’s singles final that will be played on February 1, the tickets have been priced from AUD 215.

Previous Australian Open Tickets Price

For the previous edition of the Australian Open, the ticket prices were to make it more inclusive. The starting price of these tickets were $65 for a day’s session while the lowest-priced ticket for the men’s final started at $305, about $110 lower than the previous year.

The woman’s final cost $148 while the ground passes were worth $49 for most of the tournament.

Ticket Packages for 2020 Australian Open

This is information from the previous season. More details for this year are awaited.

The cheapest packages are available for Category 3, which range from $87 (day session) on day one, to $640 for the final’s day. There are three tickets categories available, starting with Category 3, 2 and 1, while the Super Row tickets are the costliest on show, starting at $302 on day one.

What are the Australian Open Tickets Prices?
An example of the prices of the 2020 Australian Open.

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Needless to say, the prices go on increasing from that point on, ranging across Category 2, Category 1 and Superrow. The prices mentioned are of course, for the Rod Laver Arena, as seen here. The prices are less for the Margaret Court Arena.

However, if you can’t wait till then and want to beat the rush, then their lucrative hospitality packages are certainly the way to go.

Australian Open Tickets for Disabled

What is particularly elating for the differently-abled is that Ticketmaster has decided to launch a special kind of online ticket booking service to help fans with a disability using what has been called “a new inclusion commitment”.

This has been made with the help of a consultancy called Get Skilled Access and it will ensure that fans with accessible requirements will receive more assistance than ever before.

In order to receive assistance for accessibility requirements, you can email using the contact information mentioned below or call 1800-PLAY-TENNIS (1800-752-983).

According to the official Australian Open website, reserved seats for the Rod Laver Arena and Margaret Court Arena is available for “those using wheelchairs, who are vision impaired, with limited mobility, who require the use of a hearing loop and require shade due to a medical condition.”

Ground passes are available too but these are on an unreserved basis. Australian Open organisers will help you to the designated areas with the courts but will be subject to first-come-first-served basis.

Accompanying persons will be able to purchase one adjacent ticket and can present their companion card at the time of booking their ticket. To book a companion card, you can call up at +61-3-9286-1208.

Australian Open 2020 Hospitality Ticket Passes

In order to understand how to book your hospitality package for the 2020 Australian Open, you can get in touch with the organisers using these details.



From Australia 1300-309-166
Outside Australia: +61-3-9914-4177


You can also download your Australian Open hospitality brochure here. Some of the highlights of the hospitality for the 2020 Australian Open includes tennis clinics, meetings with legends of the game, practice court watching, kids club and so much more. Some Melbourne experiences like helicopter tours and theatre and exhibitions are also a part, as is world-class dining and hospitality on the final days of the tournament.

Keep in mind though that the price of your ticket will fetch you a seat in one of three fine-dining restaurants which are partnered with the Australian Open. So, you are not only paying to watch world class players, but also to enjoy meals prepared by some of the best chefs in the world.

You can also inquire for hospitality packages by visiting this page. These comprise of luxurious options like on court seating, court-side super boxes, and even show court finals, where your Australian Open will be summed with a lavish dinner and guest performances on the Hisense Arena.

You can also opt for the option of private rooms, where you can select from Green Room, Trophy Club, The Lounge and Encore.

All the four options are in their own ways, truly the best and will give you a memorable experience. From watching the players walking down to the arena and getting a close look to them, to experiencing first-class food, these hospitality packages are truly worth every cent you pay.

How to Buy Australian Open Tickets in USA, UK & Other Overseas Countries

If you are not from Australia or if you are outside Australia but are looking to visit the country for the Australian Open – or for any other reason but want to watch the Australian Open! – there is no need to worry. Buying these tickets for foreigners is as easy as for the locals and you just need to read on.

Please follow the same procedure mentioned in the section ‘Process to buy Australian Open Tickets‘ above, choose your day, stadium options, and anything extra that you need (car park, souvenir, kids club entry etc). Click on the next button, and you will be led to a page that will allow you to choose between Australia and Other Country (see the toggle button below).

Australian Open tickets for UK and USA residents

Choose Other Country and select one of the ticket collection options mentioned. You can opt to go for an eTicket on your mobile phone or an outlet pickup up to 24 hours before the event.

If you want the tickets to be delivered to your home, a registered post will cost an extra AUD 4.75 for international airmail. There is a venue pickup option available as well but the credit card holder will need to be present as well.

Australian Open Travel Packages for 2020

If you are a tourist looking to fly down to Melbourne and looking to get official Australian Open travel packages prices, you can choose from your options here. This interactive page lets you choose your options – number of people wanting to travel to the Australian Open, the dates of travel, court options and seat selection – before giving you your quotation about the price.

What Happens if Australian Open Tickets are Sold Off

The other option is to use to purchase your Australian Open tickets. It is a secondary sale website that allows tennis fans to buy and sell tickets and while they will be available at bit of a premium, you can use it in case all your other options are exhausted.

Buy the tickets for the 2020 Australian Open using Viagogo here.

Some other such secondary Australian Open ticketing options include:

Some of these websites like Stubhub might offer buyer protection. Be warned, some others might not have that and you would be buying those tickets at your risk and at prices which might not be in line with the original ticket prices.

How to sell off Australian Open tickets?

Yes you will be allowed to sell off the Australian Open tickets to the official website closer to the start of the tournament. More information on this will be released soon.

How to travel to the Australian Open?

The first Grand Slam of the season in Australia is only three months away now. The Slam down under may not be the first event of the season, but it is the one that truly gets the season going. It can easily make or break a season for the top players, and so there is just this different allure to it that is almost intoxicating.

In the lead up to the Australian Open, many tennis fans and tourists are already scrambling to map out a plan that will see them enjoy some fabulous tennis.

We understand that many of you will be traveling to Australia, or even just Melbourne, from outside and hence may not be familiar with the lay of the land. This is easily remedied, as we will help you out with most, if not all, of the obstacles you may face.

This includes navigating your way in Melbourne to get to the Melbourne Park, or the best way to get to Melbourne if you are somewhere else. We will also feed you the information required while going to Australian Open, like what you may or may not carry inside the arena, stadium tours that you can experience and so on.

Find Your Way to the Tennis

One of the best things about the Australian Open, apart from the tennis of course, is the fact that the Melbourne Park is quite close to the city centre. In fact of all the Grand Slams, AO is closest to the city.

This makes finding your way to the arena rather easy and hassle-free. If you are not in Melbourne but somewhere else, you will find many international and domestic flights landing directly in Melbourne from a lot of major hubs. The city centre is a mere 30-minute cab or shuttle bus ride from the airport.

Australia has an efficient public transport system in place, which makes it easy to go to and from the Melbourne Park. Trams, trains and buses are scheduled frequently throughout the day, which will also drop you close to the sporting park.

Tram to Australian Open

Tram service is one of the best ways to get to the Australian Open venue. To add to your delight, all ticket holders for the Grand Slam are eligible to enjoy free tram shuttle service between the Central Business District and Rod Laver Arena and Melbourne Arena stop. This tram service operates on route 70, and is active for an hour after the end of play, every day.

The trams will also run all night on weekends, every 30 minutes, through routes 19, 67, 86, 96 and 109.

Train to Australian Open

If a tram is not your preferred mode of transport, you can always avail the train service in Melbourne. The Jolimont station is closest to the arena, with about a 10-minute walk between the two. Richmond and Flinders Street stations are also quite close to the venue.

You may also choose to walk from Flinders Street station to the tennis venue, through the Federation Square, along the Yarra river. Do keep in mind that the last train from Flinders Street station leaves at midnight on weekdays, so make sure you do not miss it if needed. On weekends, the Night Network is in operation, and so trains are scheduled to depart the station on an hourly basis, all night.

Bus to Australian Open

You may also opt to go for the option of traveling by bus. Bus 246 travels down Punt Road and stops at the corner of Olympic Boulevard, which is about 500 metres away from the Melbourne Park and so you can easily walk there.

Alternatively, you can go for other options like a taxi service or a private car. Uber has a tie-up with the event and have an exclusive pick-up and drop-off zone. Another unique option is a water-taxi, running on the Yarra river. Water-taxi services have to be pre-booked, so decide on a way well beforehand. Another way is simply walking; the Melbourne Park is a 10-minute walk from the Melbourne city centre.

When do the Australian Open Gates Open? [Opening Timings]

The gates of the Melbourne Park open at 10 am for the morning session of play, and 5 pm for the evening session. The last three days will see just one session of play- the twilight session. On the second Friday of the event, the gates will open at 2 pm, then at 12 pm on Saturday and finally 3 pm on Sunday.

These timings are subject to change should there be any scheduling issues or delays of any sorts.

Prohibited Items

The Australian Open has a strict policy of disallowing certain items to be carried inside for the safety of the public and players. Make sure you check out the entire list before you leave. Following is a list of some of the items that you cannot carry inside;

  • Alcohol (alcohol is served inside, so you need not worry)
  • Large bags, suitcases or any bags that are too big to fit under the seat
  • Tennis racquets, inflatable devices or breakable containers like glass or ceramic containers
  • Flags, banners or signs larger than 1m by 1m
  • Animals apart from assistance animals
  • Drones, tripods, flares, chairs, stools or musical instruments

These are just some of the common things that are prohibited. There are more such items that will not be allowed inside and it is vital that you check if everything you are carrying will be allowed.

Food & Drinks at Australian Open

All the excitement and entertaining tennis action is bound to make you feel hungry at some point. Food and beverage stalls are aplenty across the arena, so keep yourself hydrated and nourished all day since the heat is going to sap you of energy.

The food is mostly fast food, and while that is a nice snack to have, it is not the most healthy food. So keep in mind that you are allowed to carry your own food and drinks to the arena. This way, you can carry something wholesome to eat that will get you through the day, while also trying out a snack or two from the stalls if you want.

This is a good option to have, since you will find long queues at the food stalls on most days. So make sure you carry something to eat and snacks so that you do not miss any action on the tennis-front.

Can fans carry food and drinks to the Australian Open?

Fans can get their own food to Australian Open, but only plastic cutlery and containers less than 1.5 litres are allowed. Don’t get hampers, eskies, large containers in excess of 1.5 litres, glass utensils or bottles, cans and ceramic to the venue. Alcohol has to be purchased at the venue itself.

Australian Open Stadium Tours

The venue of the Australian Open, the Melbourne Park is a fabulous precinct to behold. During the event it is something different; it is almost alive and breathing with all the matches going on and the fans buzzing about. It is a wonderful experience to have at least once in your life. If you are a die-hard tennis fan, you will surely want to plan a trip just for this occasion.

Some people may not be able to do so during the tournament itself due to whatever reasons, and the good news for them is that you can get the stadium tour.

Australian Open Stadium Tours are quite popular at the Melbourne Park. You may be in Australia during some other time of the year when the slam is not ongoing. Even when the Australian Open is not on, the arena is enchanting to walkabout and look around. The place has been home to the first major of the year since 1988 and is steeped in history.

So it does not matter if you find yourself in Melbourne during the Australian Open or not. What matters is that you take a tour of the sporting complex; it is something you won’t regret. If you go during the off-season, you won’t get to see the top players play, but there are some pros like being able to explore player and other areas you won’t see if an event is on.

If you find yourself interested in taking a tour, check out the following option.

Tennis World

Tennis World offers exclusive tours of the Melbourne Park Precinct. The experienced guides of Tennis World will take you on a journey where you will get to see some exclusive things like player lunge, changing rooms and also underground paths.

You will also get the chance to see player areas of the Rod Laver Arena and Margaret Court Arena if you are lucky and there is no event ongoing. Another sweet advantage of this tour is that you can avail a 20% discount (50% for group) on a tennis court, racquet and tennis ball hire. All you have to do is show your Aus Open Tour pass to the Front of House staff. This perk is valid for a full week after your tour.

Tours run on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at three different slots; 11.30 AM, 1.00 PM And 2.30 PM. The tours will not be held on public holidays. The duration of the tour will be between 60 to 80 minutes.

How much does an Australian Open Tennis World tour pass cost?

On Non-Event Days:

  • Adults: $30
  • Child (5 to 12 years): $16
  • Family (2 adults and 2 children): $64

On Event Days:

  • Adults: $18
  • Child: $10
  • Family: $40

Note that if you are booking a tour for 10 or more people. You will be required to make a private booking.

Should you wish to plan the date of your tour according to any event that might be taking place there, you can check up on all the events here,

Sounds like a good trip to plan, doesn’t it? So kick-start your planning and visit the official Tennis World website, to book yourself a tour of the amazing sports complex.

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Things to Do in Melbourne during Australian Open

Such is the ATP, WTA and Grand Slam calendar that many of the tennis fans are also huge travel fans. If you are one of those and are looking to explore the various things that can be done in Melbourne during the Australian Open, here’s our exhaustive guide for the same.

One of the things you could look to do in Melbourne during the Australian Open, especially if you are a sports fan, is to watch cricket at the MCG. The Australian cricket season wouldn’t be around at home playing international cricket but the Big Bash League will be on and the Melbourne Stars will be in action on January 18 against the Perth Scorchers and on January 25 v the Brisbane Heat. Interesting fact, world number one Ash Barty has played for the Brisbane Heat in the Women’s Big Bash League.

Player List for 2021 Australian Open

More information on who will feature at the 2021 edition of the Australian Open will be released closer to the start of the tournament. Below is a list of both, women’s and men’s singles players who might be in action among the top ones in the world.

Novak Djokovic and Sofia Kenin will start off as the defending champions, having won the title last year. Djokovic had romped past Dominic Thiem last year in the final while Kenin defeated Garbine Muguruza to clinch her maiden Grand Slam title.