Chirag Dubey

Chirag is a Bengaluru-based tennis fan and writer who brings as much love for the women’s game to the table as food.

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Andy Dalziel

Andy is English but a long time resident of Cyprus. When not writing about tennis and other sports, he is also a Chartered Accountant. In his spare moments, he spends more time than is healthy worrying about his beloved Arsenal.

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Zubin Daver

Zubin DaverZubin is so addicted to LFC, friends have begun hunting for Football Anonymous Groups for him to join. He’s been covering tennis and football since 2010 with the aim of converting his passion into his livelihood. Why tennis? Because, Roger Federer & is unsure of post-retirement plans. Federer’s that is.

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Vijay Rahaman

Vijay RahamanVijay is a freelance sports journalist seeking to improve in all aspects of life. A passionate follower of football, cricket, tennis & basketball along with some other sports – basically if it’s sports, he’s there enjoying himself. He reckons working in sports has taught and helped him to deal with everyday life. Loves going with the flow.

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Suneer Chowdhary

Suneer ChowdharySuneer is a Mumbai-based freelance sports journalist with a special affinity towards cricket and tennis.

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Samir Talwar

Samir TalwarSamir is a New York based Wall Street credit analyst, who is always ready to get into analytical discussions on the men’s tennis circuit. He loves his tennis and cricket..

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