The end of the year is almost here and it’s time to start thinking about gifts for teachers. This includes your tennis coach who has likely spent many hot, energetic and fabulous hours on the tennis court with your child, or with you. Everyone likes to be appreciated, but not everyone likes to get another piece of soap!

Here are our top ideas for gifts that you can give your tennis coach that won’t break the bank, and will also show that you have really put time and effort into the gift.

1. A Hand Towel

Towels are always useful for people who spend a lot of time outdoors playing sport. Give an individual hand towel, or if you are so inclined, a set of towels. You could even get the towel / towels embroidered with your coach’s initials. Choose your size carefully – most coaches, like players, like smaller towels that they can wipe their brow with, or the grip of their racquet with.

2. An Environmentally-Friendly Water Bottle

A good quality water bottle makes a really nice gift, and your coach is likely to be drinking a lot of water, or at the very least, should be! Again, you could get the bottle engraved with his or her name or initials, to make it a really personal gift. You could even have “Happy Christmas Coach” or a simple “Thank you” emblazoned on the bottle.

3. A Hat and Sunblock

You might think this is an odd idea at first but good sunblock is expensive. If your tennis coach is coaching outdoors, that means he should be wearing sunblock all the time. A decent bottle of sunblock, perhaps with a sunhat, is a really cool present.

4. A Nice Tennis Sweater

Again, you can go the monogrammed route or you can choose a really nice tennis sweater online. Do a bit of research in advance so you get the size right, and give yourself enough time for delivery and / or shipping!

There are wonderful tennis sweaters and just because your tennis coach is outdoors hitting balls all day long, doesn’t mean they are not into style. Choose something stylish, they will appreciate it.

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5. Tennis Socks

Okay your tennis coach might get 100 pairs of tennis socks for an end of year gift but you know, they are wearing socks every single day of their lives. Another pair will always be useful, especially if they’re good quality.

6. Tennis Balls

Good quality tennis balls are expensive. Chances are your tennis coach is buying tennis balls in bulk but he or she would probably really appreciate a new set of balls, maybe for his or her own tennis pleasure, especially if they are top quality. You can also get tennis balls personalised with your coach’s initials or name / name of coaching school on them.

7. Tickets to a Tennis Match

Maybe you have contacts and get tickets to a Grand Slam event? This is a huge gift for anyone and would be hugely appreciated. Of course if you keep the tickets for yourself, we kind of get it!

8. Coffee Mugs / Portable Coffee Mugs

Coaching tennis first thing in the morning may be wonderful for you, but not as wonderful for your coach who doesn’t even have time for coffee. You can buy wonderful portable and environmentally friendly coffee mugs, and you could even get your coach’s name emblazoned on the mug. We’ve seen mugs with words like ‘Best Coach Ever’ which is also a cool idea, especially as everyone needs a bit of affirmation from time to time!

9. A Tennis Book or a Book Voucher

Your tennis coach might want to curl up at night with a romantic novel, but they may also want the latest tennis coaching book, or to read a tennis great’s memoir. A book, or a book voucher, is a wonderful idea. And if your coach isn’t a reader, well, they can always give the voucher to somebody else!

10. A Backpack

A backpack is always a good idea, especially if its waterproof and stylish, as well as practical and useful. There are specialist tennis backpacks online, or in specialist sports stores, and your coach will probably love this kind of gift. They’re not cheap but you can get some great deals.

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11. A Tennis Ball Machine

It’s unlikely that you can give this kind of gift on your own, unless you’re coaching Roger Federer, but you could get together with your team mates and all club in.

Sometimes, one large gift is better than a dozen tiny gifts. If you think your tennis coach would want or need something like this, chat to the group of parents who have kids in the same lesson or team, and think about a group gift. Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach makes a FABULOUS gift.

12. Art

What about commissioning someone to draw or paint a portrait of your coach? You could photograph him or her in action on the court, perhaps with a couple of tennis pupils on the court, and give the photograph to an artist to paint. You can put it in a beautiful frame with a note of THANKS.

Memories are made of these kind of gifts, they are personal and thoughtful and a wonderful idea.

13. A Tennis Bracelet

This would be for a female coach and it would depend on your budget. You can tennis bracelets that are pure diamonds, and therefore extremely expensive!

But you also get tennis bracelets that are silver, or beaded, some coming with tennis racquet or tennis ball charms. This is a lovely idea; actually it is a lovely idea for female tennis players too!

14. Novelty Gifts

There are lots of novelty gifts available on the market and thinking specifically of tennis coaches, you could look at tennis bath bombs, a giant tennis ball, ceramic tennis ornaments, plastic tennis wine glasses (for the coach who likes to celebrate after a game) or even a tennis dog tag motivational necklace.

Don’t go too gimmicky as your coach is going to get a lot of gifts, although, who can resist a tennis bobblehead! (little fun statue that says ‘coach.’

15. Personalised T-Shirts or Caps

You might want to order a tee shirt for your coach that says “COACH.” Maybe have their name emblazoned on the back, or use words like “BEST COACH EVER.”

Personalised gifts are thoughtful and don’t have to cost you a fortune at all. Personalised tee shirts or caps are fun and easy gifts and will always be worn. At some point, anyway!

16. Agility sets

This could be a group gift. Agility sets do age and perhaps your coach hasn’t had time, or budget, to replace their current agility set. This is the kind of gift that will work for your coach, but also, for you! A new set of cones, or ropes, or both, would be an amazing gift for any tennis coach. You

Of course you might want to give a gift that is totally unrelated to tennis and this might be the most appreciated gift of all. Cologne or perfume, when it’s good quality, is always appreciated! You can never go wrong with a beautiful silk scarf, a pair of earrings, a fancy wallet, a leather belt, or a box of divine chocolates. It all depends on our budget, and also, your relationship with your tennis coach.

Put some thought into the gift that you want to give your tennis coach, and always, always, include a hand written note of thanks. The note, when it’s well thought through, is often the most important part of the gift.