Australia’s Alex De Minaur has been touted as one of the next big hopes in men’s tennis and having only recently broken into the top 20 of the ATP Rankings, it is no surprise why. If you are looking to find out everything about Alex De Minaur’s tennis racquet, you can get all that information there.

It’s still early days in De Minaur’s tennis career but having been coached by Lleyton Hewitt, the future is already looking bright for the Aussie.

His best year before the coronavirus pandemic hit the world and tennis, like other sports, came to a grinding halt, came in 2019 where he reached the third round at the Australian Open and the fourth at US Open.

It was also a year in which De Minaur won his first three ATP titles; including one at Sydney, a city of his birth. He followed it up with his second title in Atlanta, defeated Kei Nishikori at the US Open (read about Nishikori’s racquet here) and then went on to clinch the Zhuhai Championships title win.

Nicknamed Speed Demon for his excellent agility on court, De Minaur has a style which reminds some of the gritty fighters on court like Michael Chang and Rafael Nadal. This same quality could also lead to early burnouts in players, which means it becomes extremely important for De Minaur to choose his tennis equipment including his tennis racquet wisely.

So, Which is Alex De Minaur’s Racquet?

Australia’s Alex De Minaur has reposed his trust in the Wilson Blade 98, 16X19 Countervail Racquet which he strings using the Luxilon 4G strings.

Let’s talk about the Wilson Blade 98, 16X19 Countervail tennis racquet specifications. Its technical specifications are mentioned below.

  • Head Size: 98
  • Length: 27in/68.58cm
  • Strung Weight: 11.49oz/326g
  • Stiffness: 66
  • Balance: 13.1in/33.27cm/3 pts HL
  • String Tension: 50-60 pounds
  • Composition: Braided Graphite & Basalt

This racquet specifications aren’t too different from its earlier generation ones except its finishing which has a sleek look about it aided by the silky paint which has been a part of the Pro Staff series. Its 16X19 string allows better power than 18X20 but that doesn’t mean it has compromised on its precision.

What’s the Countervail Technology which is used in this racquet?

A special carbon layer is added to the dampening already delivered by this racquet thanks to the presence of the braided Basalt/Graphite layup which leads to a better protection of the arm muscles leading to lesser exhaustion.

One of the reasons why De Minaur reckons he likes the Luxilon 4G string is because of its roughness, which allows him to feel the ball better and for a longer time on his racquet, also leading to a better control. The string tension for De Minaur is about 50 pounds but it goes up depending on the altitude

Watch the below video reviewing the Wilson Blade 98, 16X19 Countervail:

You can easily buy the racquet that De Minaur uses from a variety of stores around the world but more vitally, if you are looking to order it online, you can do that through Amazon here.