Antalya Open TicketsThe 2018 edition of Antalya Open will feature some of the most promising players on the ATP circuit. Looking for more information on how to buy the Antalya Open Tickets for the 2018 edition? We have you covered.

The event will be played on outdoor grass courts the week before the Wimbledon. Needless to mention, the participants will be eager to build their momentum and confidence before they head to SW19.

If you happen to find yourself in Antalya at the time, you should certainly consider watching these matches, live. In this article, we will tell you how to buy ATP Antalya 2018 tickets.

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The prices mentioned in this article are in Turkish Lira. The tickets are on sale on the official website, although you can also visit to purchase your tickets.

For any queries, you can visit the tournament website at You can also get in touch with the tournament officials by writing them an email at the following:

Alternately, you can also call the officials at +90-242-710-4000.

Centre Court tickets have been broadly categorized into four parts – A, B, C, and D. Seats in the A and B categories are placed parallel to the court while the seats in the B and D categories are located right behind the baseline.

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For all the matches that take place throughout the week, except for the final match, the tickets can be bought for just 50 TL. Yes, that’s right, whether you are going for a first round match or for the semi-finals, you can buy your tickets for just 50 Turkish Lira.

The best part is that your seats can be in any of the four blocks and they will still cost the same.

For the final match, that is, the one played on Saturday; the tickets have been priced at 100 TL. Once again, this price is same throughout all the blocks.

In addition to this, fans can also make their staying reservations close to the grounds. Kaya Belek and Kaya Palazzo are the two high-end hotels located close to the location of the tournament.

Needless to mention, staying in these hotels will add an extra layer of elegance to your stay in Antalya. For more information, you can visit the official website of the tournament.