Babolat Racquets Review
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The Babolat tennis racquet brand is arguably one of world’s most famous and if you are looking for more information on it, we have it all covered here. Here’s the ultimate guide on the Babolat Tennis Racquets along with its review, price and how to buy these Babolat racquets.

As soon as the Babolat racquets were introduced in 2000, it soared in popularity and was an instant hit amongst tennis fans everywhere.

Babolat came from humble beginnings, manufacturing strings for musical instruments before introducing the first natural gut string in 1877. However, it was just 13 years ago that the Babolat tennis racquet was launched.

When the racquet was first introduced, people doubted if it would be popular, let alone be used by big name players. Today, Babolat is a huge name that nearly every tennis player recognizes. It is not surprising considering how comfortable, maneuverable, controllable and powerful these racquets’s are to use.

Babolat has a secret key to success called, “Woofer Technology” where the ball stays on the strings for a few seconds longer, creating a trampoline type of rebound.

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The advantage of Babolat is the patented, natural gut, strings, that are appealing to players’. These strings are in such high demand that the company has never offered endorsement deals and only give them away under rare circumstances. (Pete Sampras was one of the lucky few to be given free strings)

There are other strings available on the market, cheaper gut strings and other brands, but Babolat makes high quality strings that stand the test of time. Babolat strings are durable, hold the tension well and nothing quite compares to Babolat.

Rafael Nadal Also Endorses a Babolat RacquetRafael Nadal has improved his game remarkably using the AeroPro Drive Babolat. Furthermore, he continues to improve, hitting amazing ground strokes frequently. Nadal won his third consecutive title using the Babolat racquet.

The Babolet tennis raquet has fantastic colors and a new feel technology that is known as Cortex. The Woofer and Aero Modular technology help to increase the swing speed whilst providing the most comfort.

Babolat designed “players’ frames” for expert players who wanted better control and heavier weights with decreased power, and they designed “game improvement” frames for beginners who wanted power, but easier to play features.

They also concentrated on “tweener” racquets that used a combination of the qualities in each frame, appealing to both competitive and recreational players. They used some technological characteristics with weights and balances suitable for beginner players as this made the racquets easier to play.

Players have been instantly attracted to the Pure Drive and Aeropro Drive that came later. Furthermore, the raquets were now much easier to use for the normal type of recreational player.

Babolat’s best-selling raquets fit the mechanics of today’s match, just like with any sport, tennis is an evolving game, and so the form that players learn and emulate is constantly changing.

Incidentally, they have also made a corporate decision not to offer any discount for their equipment. Consequently, they push the frames and carry a lot of stock which makes them more profit. Babolat made their frame easy to string which means there are fewer errors when stringing compared to other frames.

Babolat Racquet Types

There are many types of Babolat racquet on the market today, and it can be confusing to know which one to choose. Here are just a few of the most popular:

The AeroPro Drive Cortex provides a solid and controlled feel on ground strokes. It is easier to find the sweet spot on the racquet and create large amounts of topspin. It is simple to set up for a shot, provides more flexibility and is easier to maneuver. The open string pattern allows players to take advantage of full, loopy swings. Furthermore, the racquet gives a great amount of topspin on the ball.

The Pure Aero Babolat Racquet is the racquet for players who use spin and power against their opponents. It is sturdier and feels pure like the AeroPro Drive, but it has a vintage style that looks awesome on the pitch.

The Pure Drive Babolat Racquet is delightful for powerful spin compared to older versions and it is versatile too.

The Babolat Strike 16 × 9 Raquet was formerly known as ProjectOne7 and is very underrated. It has an attractive mix of feel, control and power. It has a softer feel and solid response that makes it a good all-rounder. This is the raquet for power with lots of spin, control and comfort.

There are many reasons why the Babolat tennis racquet is such a good choice because as a tennis player power, control and comfort really are important and that’s where Babolat specialize.

Some of the Top Players Sponsored by Babolat Racquets:

Rafael Nadal
Andy Roddick
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
Máximo González
Mariano Puerta
Fernando González
Carlos Moyá
Caroline Wozniacki

Best Way to Buy a Babolat Racquet:

We will update this section with all the latest information on how to buy a Babolat racquet.