Most of us who love our tennis also love to listen to the different voices in the world of tennis which offer us a different perspective, a different opinion and allow us into a realm of the unknown, especially when it comes to the coverage of tennis from different regions and levels.

Podcasts are a great medium for the same and more recently there has been a surge in the number of high quality tennis podcasts in the market, with lot of the fans turning to them to get a straightforward view on the happenings in tennis.

Here’s a list of our favourite tennis podcasts and blogs you could give a listen to.

Essential Tennis Podcast

If you are looking for regular, free tennis podcasts consisting of a gamut of tennis topics related to your game, Ian Westerman‘s Essential Tennis podcast is the place to be. Westerman has been talking tennis since 2013 and the topics range from how can one improve one’s external focus to more technical like improving one’s forehand and the more recent getting better at your game despite being at home.

Westerman, who is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and a “lifelong tennis lover turned content creator, entrepreneur and business builder” has a brilliant website, going as well. There, he offers online courses, coaching and videos along with the aforementioned podcast.

Access Westerman’s Essential Tennis Podcast here for its trove of excellent information, tricks and strategies while you can visit his website here.

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The Tennis Podcast

If you are a tennis fan and haven’t heard of The Tennis Podcast, there’s a good chance you are not into podcasts. Well, in that case our advise is to get listening to Catherine Whitaker and David Law, two tennis broadcasters who have come together to deliver this awesome tennis podcast.

Whitaker is a sports presenter and commentator with a whole host of UK-based broadcasters while Law commentates for BBC Radio Five and BT Sport. More importantly, they produce The Tennis Podcast on a weekly basis but during Grand Slams they are at it daily and you can listen to them here.

Some of the guests who have visited their show include Andy Murray, John McEnroe, Martina Navratilova & football manager Jose Mourinho, making for an exciting combination of opinion and news. As far as non-technical/coaching tennis podcasts go, they are arguably the best in the business.

No Challenges Remaining

A tennis podcast delivered by the New York Times journalist Ben Rothenberg and WTA Insider’s Senior Writer Courtney Nguyen is fast gaining ground as one of the top tennis podcasts.

One of the best tennis interviews you would probably hear came at NCR when Rothenberg interviewed Nick Kyrgios and in a freewheeling chat, the Aussie dished out what he usually does on court (listen to it here). Queering the plot is the fact Kyrgios had once tweeted the following:

Nick Kyrgios Tweets about Ben Rothenberg

It’s a weekly podcast and you can listen to No Challenges Remaining here. You can also follow Ben & Courtney on Twitter here & here respectively.

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Cracked Interviews Podcast

This is one of three podcasts found under the Cracked Interviews brand, with Dalton Thieneman leading the charge with the Cracked Interviews Podcast. Dalton interviews some of the tennis world’s top players and coaches and other peripheral personalities and if you want to follow tennis players outside of the top ones, this is the place to be.

Cracked Racquets call themselves a “digital sports media company” which is looking to end the “glaring void in current tennis coverage” focussing on only the Big Four (which admittedly a lot of us are guilty of).

To go with the aforementioned podcast, they also have the Great Shot Podcast and The Mini Break podcast, with the former being a weekly discussion on thoughts about a tennis topic and the latter taking care of daily tennis news.

Access all your Cracked Interviews Podcast here.

Thirty Love: Conversations About Tennis

Carl Bialik is the host of the Thirty Love Tennis Podcast, bit of a celebrity himself as an American journalist who has worked as a Data Science Editor of Yelp, having also worked with Wall Street Journal and

And as the host of the aforementioned tennis podcast, he interviews a variety of tennis personalities including tennis players, film-makers, authors and even fellow journalists like Ben Rothenberg himself, and does a solid job of it. You can listen to all of Carl’s podcasts since April 2017 here.

Pro Tip: We like the interview with Patrick Moran where he talks about the sport of Racketlon after having taken over as the President of Racketlon, USA, check it out here.

Some Other Honourable Mentions

  • The Tennis Connected Podcast
  • Find Your Aha Moment
  • The Body Serve
  • Court-Side with Beilinson Tennis
  • Tennis Revolution