Pretty much everything can be done online today and technology is being used for all sorts of things, including sport. Apps have been designed, for tennis players and tennis coaches, that help with coaching, style, fitness, training, analysis, improvement and motivation.

If you can add an app to help you with tennis, why not. While you cannot coach, or learn, everything about tennis using technology, technology can definitely help. And let’s face it, everyone likes using apps, especially young people.

As a tennis coach, we would suggest you talk to other tennis coaches and find out which tennis apps work for them. Sometimes you need to download an app and try it out before deciding if you like it or not.

Personal recommendations are always helpful with tennis coaching apps. Remember, apps can be beneficial especially for those players who want to improve and learn, or keep statistics, but spend more time on the court than on the app!

Let’s take a look at some of the interesting tennis apps on the market. Some apps are free and some need to be subscribed to. Find the app that works for you, and use it!

Rafael Nadal Tennis Academy

This is a teaching app that is fascinating, and smart. You can learn technique, skill and style, and if you are coach, learn exactly the same and how to pass these things on to your pupils.

We love the Rafael Nadal tennis academy app because it is full. You can watch videos on the star tennis player, listen to him talk about the game and how he has managed to get so far (motivation) and learn skills.

This is a good app for players and for coaches. You can take a look right here.

Virtual Tennis Coach

This is a pretty cool app that is free (always helpful) and offers free instruction from tennis coach Peter Smith. It’s an app that is great for players, of all standards, and gives good ideas for tennis coaches too.

If you want to go further with the Virtual Tennis Coach App, you can purchase premium packs that include tips on skill and technique, as well as online coaching.

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Tennis Trakker Pro

This App is a great tool for coaches, but also for tennis players who are serious about their game. You can learn about tennis, read about tennis, and fill in all the information on your own tennis, scores, and skills.

The Tennis Trakker Pro has good reviews and is said to help with tactics and motivation too, always something useful. If you enjoy statistics, this is a great tool, to follow your own tennis and your student’s tennis.

Ultimate Tennis Coach

Ultimate Tennis Coach is a good tennis app, one that helps you with technique, motivation, skill and inspiration. You can play with other people, you can watch tennis, you can get a lot of insight into the game, and more than anything, you can have fun!

A good tennis app for coaches and players, all ages!

miCoach Tennis

This is quite a cool tennis app, especially for those who love games. It may be better for the younger tennis player and will certainly inspire and motivate. mICoach offers 3D tennis.

The Seven Six Tennis App

This is an app that is really good for coaches and players. It’s an app that can be shared, so if you are coaching a team, look at the Seven Six app. It collects information on your games.

Obviously you need to fill the tennis info in, but then the app analyses, up-skills and offers help, advice and stats in real time.

It’s a good tennis app in that you can keep it as private as you want, or share with other members, and you can also invite other coaches and players.

The Tennis Agility App

A good app that will encourage your students to work hard, improve their agility and flexibility and respond to the visual feedback on this app. The app also offers art drills, exercises and tests, as well as beep tests.

This is a good app for coaches and for students who enjoy tech and quite enjoy a screen. While any good tennis coach must be careful not to rely too heavily on apps (no parent wants to see their child staring at a screen during a tennis lesson).

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Tennis Australia Technique

We may have left the best for last. This is an Australian designed app and a pretty impressive one. It’s great for tennis coaches who can record players strokes and then analyse them using annotation tools. It’s an interactive app, good for young and older players wanting to improve.

This app offers live recordings, so you can video your player and then show them so they can see any errors they are making, and see the improvements.

Tennis Australia Technique is pretty high tech – you can measure the speed of your player’s shots. You can also send them analysis, so it’s an easy to share App. Take a look and see if it will work for you.

Final notes on tennis apps

There are constantly new apps on the market. Some work, and some don’t. You can use the internet to search for ‘Tennis Apps’ and give them, no pun intended, a good shot.

Don’t pay for an app, until you have tested it and are quite sure it works. Once you are satisfied, download the tennis coaching app of your choice and use it beneficially, improving your coaching skills and your player’s skills too.