The Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach is one of the top tennis coaching innovations in the world and here we explain the advantages associated with it. Why is the Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach so famous and what does it offer tennis players and coaches around the world?

When someone is learning tennis there is one thing they are going to hear from their coach more than anything else.


To get perfect tennis shots, you have to keep your eye on the ball. By keeping your eye on the ball, you are able to engage your racquet and make sure you hit the ball, no matter what kind of shot you are going for, at the exact right spot each time.

Of course there is a lot more to tennis than just your eye – you need to perfect your strokes, perfect your foot work, be able to think quickly and spontaneously, and get strong and fit. But the most important thing, the basic premise of tennis – is all about the eye.

And that is why Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach is such a brilliant tennis tool.

It’s a fabulous tennis machine, a revolutionary product, one that you can use on your own or with a coach, and one that you can use in any space.

And if the machine was developed by Billie Jean King, who we all love and adore, it must be a good one. Here’re some of the advantages of using the Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach.

Practise, Practise, Practise

Any coach will tell you, not just to keep your eye on the ball, but also, practice makes perfect. The beauty about the Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach is that you can practice 17 different tennis shots – YES, 17 – and quickly.

You don’t have to wait for the coach to throw the ball at you, the balls come hard and fast, keeping you active and extremely focused – keeping your eye on the ball!

The Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach is a portable tennis machine. If you are a coach, take it with you everywhere you coach.

If you are teen or young adult learning tennis, you can use it in your back yard, on a court, in a park, or anywhere where you have enough space to swing and hit.

What was the idea behind the Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach?

This portable tennis machine was designed with one idea only – point of contact.

Point of contact is that moment the ball and the tennis racket meet. If you keep your eye on the ball, your point of contact will become better and better until it is near perfect.

If you’re a tennis champion, it will be perfect! Keeping your eye on the ball and focusing on that point of contact gives you extra strength, power, balance, better accuracy, better agility and most important – focus on the ball and focus to track the ball, before the stroke, during the stroke and after the stroke.

The Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach does not only train your eye, it trains your whole body. By practicing with this tennis machine, your body and eye starts to work as a whole, as one.

After just a few sessions with the Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach, you will find your accuracy improves. Your balance becomes sturdier and your power becomes stronger.

Using the Billie Jean Eye Coach is also Fun

Take a look at the various online videos that showcase this tennis machine.

They are fun!

Coaches and players alike have a great time. The coach can focus 100 % on the players, as he or she does not have to stand there and throw balls all the time. And the players can move quickly – whether they are learning privately or in a group – practicing a forehand, backhand, spin, slice, off-spin, top-spin and much more.

The tennis machine keeps everything speedy and fun, and allows players to play more tennis in a shorter space of time.

How easy is it to use the Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach?

It is really simple to set up the machine. It is light and easy to carry, and easy to put away.

It fits in a car easily, it is sturdy and lasts for many years, and it’s the kind of tennis machine that will never go out of fashion.

It is a staple of tennis coaches all round the world, but also, of players. There are many players, all ages and all standards of tennis, who have a Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach. Players can use it for just ten minutes a day and see a huge improvement in their game.

It can be used for tennis drills, and there is no time wasted collecting balls, waiting for other players or standing in lines.

Did we mention you don’t have to pick up the ball?

This is another reason why the Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach is so popular. The ball stays attached to the machine at all times.

The player can hit a lot of balls on this machine, enabling him to practice practice practice, without wasting time picking up the balls in between. And the coach can focus on the player instead of throwing the ball, and picking up the ball. A lot of time is saved, the speed is quick and it makes practice fun.

Warm-up, Drills and Shots

The machine has a variety of settings and placements. This means it can be used for a tennis warm up, for drills of all sorts and to focus on a specific shot (top spin, off spin, slice etc) and for a wind down.

It can also be used for fitness and to build up muscle strength. Any tennis player who has used the Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach will notice a quick improvement in their game. We’ve seen players of all ages really train their eye and improve their point of contact, and in fact, improve all aspects of their tennis game.

Watch the tutorials online and see if a Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach could improve your game, or if you are a tennis coach, if it could improve your coaching.

If you look after your machine well, it is going to last you a lifetime. It’s a hugely beneficial piece of tennis equipment and it’s easy to store.

It’s also easy to GET YOUR EYE IN. And practice, practice, practice!