Looking to buy the China Open Tickets? Here're all the details!

Looking to buy the 2018 China Open Tickets? Here’s all the information on how to get hold of the tickets for this edition of the competition that will kick-start in late September.

If you are wondering how to buy tickets for the 2018 China Open, don’t worry as we have got it covered here.

The major matches will be played in two stadiums, namely Diamond Course (which is the main one) and the Lotus Stadium. While the seats in the latter are of only one category, the seats in Diamond Stadium come in two types – row seats, dubbed as ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’ and the VIP box seats.

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Keep in mind that ‘A’ type is the best, while the ‘C’ type seats are far behind in the stadium.

The tickets are to be purchased either for day session or evening session. They can also be purchased in bunch, for a maximum of 18 people. However, these are dubbed as ‘Room’ tickets, which come with a separate room for the guests, with food service included.

The Diamond Course Room package can be bought at a starting price of ¥42,000 for Day 1, morning session. The same package for the final match costs ¥172000.

Remember, these rooms can accommodate up to 18 people with access to quality food. Essentially, this is a royal experience to have with friends, clients and family.

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Coming to individual tickets, the tickets for Day 1, day session in VIP box costs ¥480, while in Category A, the seats are priced at ¥280.

As you move on towards the end of the tournament, these prices increase. For example, the quarter-finals tickets in the VIP box costs ¥1580 per person, while in Category A, it costs ¥780. As for seats in Category B and C, they are priced considerably lower.

If you are looking to buy tickets for the final of 2017 China Open, then you can expect to spend anywhere between ¥580 – ¥5380, depending on the type of seat chosen.

If you are visiting the China Open with your friends, then you can also avail additional discounts. 3-5 tickets get a 10% discount, while 6-9 get 15% discount. If you buy 10 tickets or more, you can get up to 30% discount! A great deal that can’t be missed, isn’t it?

Lastly, the Lotus Stadium tickets cost ¥100, while the access to other courts and stadium periphery admission costs anywhere between ¥10 – ¥30.

For any details on the ticketing front, you can visit the official China Open website, or call 400-707-6666.