How to buy the 2017 Shanghai Masters Tickets online

The Shanghai Rolex Masters is one of the nine World Tour Masters 1000 Series events and chronologically, it is the eighth Masters tournament on the tour. Here we give out all the information about the 2020 Shanghai Masters tickets will be released next year and can be bought using the options mentioned below. The tournament will be played at the Qi Zhong Tennis Center.

The 2020 Shanghai Rolex Masters will be played between October 10 and 18 in Shanghai, China and you can buy its tickets online for its matches at the Qi Zhong Tennis Center.

The tournament is played towards the end of the season in a build up to the prestigious ATP World Tour Finals, which plays a crucial role in determining the world rankings. Moreover, Shanghai Masters is the only major ATP tennis tournament that is played in Asia.

And given that the Shanghai Masters is in its 12th season, a gamut of events like the Master Training Camp, Super FAN events and a lot more are planned for this season. If you are a tennis fan, then this is a must-attend event.

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When will 2020 Shanghai Masters tickets be on sale?

The tickets for the 2020 Shanghai Masters will be on sale towards the end of the first half of the year in 2020. More information on how to buy the Shanghai Masters 2020 tickets will be released at that time but if you are looking to understand how this sale happened in 2019, here’s more information.

How to Buy Shanghai Masters 2020 tickets

The 2019 Shanghai tickets could be purchased from the following websites:

  • and

The online purchase of these full day or the evening session Rolex Masters tickets can be done between from that onward and these will be delivered to your address immediately afterward.

Shanghai Masters Tickets Information

What makes things interesting for those looking for the Shanghai Masters 2020 tickets for this year is that more varieties are available online. Other than the usual full-day tickets, there are options to buy day and night matches between October 7 and 11 and this was confirmed by the tournament organisers.

Patrick Yang, deputy general manager of the event’s promoter said:

“For a high-level event like the Shanghai Masters, the daytime matches and nighttime matches featuring the top international players are equally exciting.”

“The full-day ticket had been the only option for the fans. So many office workers who had to work during the day could only come to the tennis center at night. For those who are available during the day, they might not have been able get tickets. So that’s a waste.

“As a top international tennis event, we have been working to better serve the fans and explore a wider market. We always want more fans to come to watch the matches and to feel the atmosphere. By offering the day and night tickets, we are spreading resources better.”

How much do Shanghai Masters tickets cost?

This is information from the previous edition of the tournament, for the Shanghai Masters 2020 tickets cost, information will be revealed later.

On day one, i.e. on October 7, the lowest-priced ticket is for a mere $23, that is around one-third of a full day’s play.

For the first three days of the event, i.e. during the qualifiers, the tickets are priced at a starting rate of €16 per ticket. This will fetch you a seat in the uppermost rows of the stadium. As you descend lower, the prices increase. The best seats in these rows can be bought for €58.

For tickets in the VIP Zone in either Platinum, Silver or Gold categories, the prices range increases, depending on the day of play and category of seat chosen. However, keep in mind that these seats are placed closest to the court and the view from here is worth every cent you pay.

On days four and five, i.e. October 10 and 11, the ticket prices begin at €10 while the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final day prices are €25, €68 and €42 respectively.

More information on these tickets can be obtained from here.

For more information on the Shanghai Masters 2020 Tickets:

Call: 8621-962123

In order to book these tickets at a ticketing office near you:

Tickets for the Shanghai Masters

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If you are looking to book corporate & exclusive Shanghai Rolex Masters 2020 experiences, you can e-mail or to get more information around the same.

In order to be able to watch matches at the courts other than centre court, you do not need any extra tickets if you have one for the Centre Court. However, if you have only a ground entrance ticket, you can watch all the other matches except the Centre Court matches.

Secondary Shanghai Masters Tickets Sale Sites

If you have taken a decision The method mentioned aforementioned method might not work is if the tickets are sold out for the match you want to watch. That being the case, you could look to apply for the Shanghai Masters tickets with either StubHub Here OR Viagogo Here. Now please remember, these are secondary, resale tickets websites which fans use to sell their own own tickets and there’s every chance they would cost more than the original value.

However, these websites have been around for a while and have offered hundreds of thousands of tennis fans excellent tennis watching experiences through their marketplace. So, if you are looking at Shanghai Masters 2020 tickets and are unable to buy them for the matches you want to watch using the channels mentioned above, you can sign up up with either StubHub or Viagogo to get the Shanghai tickets for 2020.