Looking to understand how much players earn at the French Open? Find below a breakdown of the player prize money earning at every stage of the 2020 French Open starting from the qualifiers of the men’s and women’s singles main draw to the wheelchair competition.

The last French Open which ended on June 9 last year saw players fighting for a record prize money. On March 21 2019, the French Tennis Federation said that they had increased the total prize money by eight per cent from the 2018 although they tried their best to lessen the pay gap between players at top of the leader board to the ones at the bottom.

The winners of the men’s and women’s singles got to take home €2.3 million which was an increase from €2.2 million given out last year. This was an increase of about 4.55% and the runner up got a slightly greater jump of 5.36% with an increase to €1.18 million.

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Players which get disqualified at the semifinals will get a similar rise in prize money to €590,000.

Even though the prize money has fallen at the various stages of the competition but the speed at which it rose as compared to the 2018 event is actually showing growth.

For example, say a person got out in the first round itself but he/she still got a 15% increase in 2019 than in the tournament that took place 12 months back with a prize of €46,000 and those who got defeated in the second and third round saw an increase of 10% with earnings of €87,000 and €143,000 respectively.

While those who were quarterfinalists and in the last 16 got an increase of about 10% with prize money of €415,000 and €243,000 to take home.

Those who got knocked out in the qualifiers itself also enjoyed high pay jumps and the players who got out in the third and final round took home €24,000 with a healthy rise of 14.29%

Players knocked off in the second qualifying round and those who couldn’t even cross the first hurdle got an increase of 16% more than last year while pocketing €12,250 and €7,000 respectively.

Even the prize money has seen huge surges, it had not certainly increased for singles tournaments at the same rate.

Instead they will only get an increase of about 3.57% as compared to 2018 and only taking home €580,000.

French Open Men’s & Women’s Singles Prize Money for 2020

RoundPrize Money
Fourth Round€243,000
Third Round€143,000
Second Round€87,000
First Round€46,000

French Open Men’s & Women’s Doubles Prize Money for 2020

RoundPrize Money
Fourth Round€42,500
Third Round€23,000
Second Round€11,500

French Open Mixed Doubles Prize Money for 2020

RoundPrize Money
Fourth Round€10,000
Third Round€5,000