Grigor Dimitrov has always been tipped as one of the players with a lot of potential and he has delivered on some of the promise as well with a career-high ranking of third in the world. What’s interesting is he has gone through a variety of racquets in that quest and if you are looking for information about Grigor Dimitrov’s racquet, all of it is mentioned below.

The best Bulgarian tennis player produced by a distance, Dimitrov looked to have reached his best in 2017 when he was ranked third in the world. Having won four titles that year including the Cincinnati Masters and the ATP World Tour Finals, he looked like he could challenge the Big Three but things have been slightly up and down since then.

In fact, that ATP World Tour Finals title was his last till date and he followed it up two very lacklustre years which saw him fall to 78th on the ATP Rankings.

In more recent times, Dimitrov has shown signs of resurrection, as was visible in his showing at the 2019 US Open where he made the semifinal. While a second round loss at the hands of Tommy Paul (check his racquet specs here) at the Australian Open 2020 would have pushed him back, a semifinal at Acapulco soon after that helped him climb back into the top 20 of the rankings.

Dimitrov has often been compared with Roger Federer, and one of the reasons for that is he has been comfortable playing from anywhere on the court. A single-handed backhand, and with a excellent athleticism and stylish play assisted in making him one of the most attractive players to watch.

With a strong forehand which generates its power from the arm, elbow and shoulder, and a backhand that delivers one of the better slices in the game, Dimitrov has had results going his way before his issues in 2018. Interestingly, Dimitrov has changed his racquets multiple times in his career.

So, Which is Grigor Dimitrov’s Racquet?

Grigor Dimitrov uses the Wilson Pro Staff 97S which the Wilson Pro Room Team introduced after discussions with the player himself. Dimitrov uses Natural gut in the mains and Luxilon 4G as crosses.

While Dimitrov’s first ever racquet was Yonex, in his early days as a tennis player in 2007 he switched to Wilson. Dimitrov used a Wilson mid-size 93 prototype racquet in 2013 which was customised for his requirements and painted to look like the Pro Staff 95 BLX.

The 16X19 strings he used for that racquet was then changed to 18X17 next year. There was a change in his racquet in 2015 when he opted for a 97 head size with a string patter of 18X17. And in the following year, after making adjustments to his racquet yet again with the Wilson Pro Room Team, they introduced a racquet called the Wilson Pro Staff 97S.

Get the Wilson Pro Staff 97S racquet specifications below. Dimitrov’s racquet specifications might be slightly more customized.

  • Length: 27 in./69 cm.
  • Head Size: 97
  • Weight: 11.5 oz/326 gm
  • Balance Point: 13.18 in/33 cm/3pts Head Light
  • Construction: 19.5mm Straight Beam
  • Composition: Braided Graphite
  • String Pattern: 18 Mains/17 Crosses

Watch the below video reviewing the Wilson Pro Staff 97S Racquet:

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