The 2020 ATP Newport, also known as Dell Hall of Fame Tennis Championships, is a tennis tournament conducted by the ATP World Tour in the month of July every year. The information on how to buy the Hall of Fame Open tickets for 2020 can be found below.

It is always the last grass event of the season and interestingly enough, it is the only grass tournament to be played outside of Europe. The event has always been an exciting one, given that it features many promising players. In this article, we will tell you how to buy tickets for ATP Newport 2020.

When will the 2020 Newport Open be played?

The next season of the Newport Open begins from July 13 with the final to be played on Sunday, July 19. Here’s the day to day schedule of the tournament in 2020.

Hall of Fame Open tickets

When do the Newport Open tickets go on sale?

Few of the ticket packages for the 2020 Newport Open are on sale right now. The remaining tickets will go up on sale from February 12, 2020. Here’s more information.

  • Series Tickets: Now on sale. Buy a Series Tickets pass to watch all the matches at the Newport Open from the same seat. There is a 30% off on this. Depending on which seats you are planning to go for, these tickets cost between $290-$450 for the series tickets.
  • South Stands Flex Tickets: Now on sale. With the South Stands Flex tickets, you can buy a pass right now and decide later which two days of the tournament you can want to watch. Costs $72 for these tickets.
  • Daily Tickets: Will go on sale from February 12, 2020
  • Group Tickets: Will go on sale from February 12, 2020

How to buy the Newport Open 2020 tickets?

The tickets are available for purchase on the official tournament site –

In case of any Hall of Fame Open tickets queries, you can get in touch with the tournament officials through email or phone. The contact details can be found here:

  • General enquiries –, 401-849-6053
  • Ticket and Box Seat enquiries –, 401-849-6053

Alternately, you can also visit the tournament site and fill in the query form to receive a response.

The tickets are generally available across three categories of seats – South Stands, Court Chairs, and Shaded Box Seats.

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How much do the 2020 Hall of Fame Open tickets at Newport cost?

There are various types of tickets for the Hall of Open 2020 and the starting price of a daily ticket is $42. Here’s more information on the individual ticket prices for this edition of the Hall of Fame Open.

Daily Tickets Starting Price

  • South Stands: $42
  • Court Chairs: $63
  • Shaded Box Seats: $102

Flex Tickets

Tickets for any two days of the tournament between Monday and Thursday for $80.

Series Tickets

Buy all tickets for all matches at one go at a discounted price.

  • South Stands: $300
  • Court Chairs: $460
  • Shaded Box Seats: $655

Group Tickets

For minimum of 10 people for Monday-Wednesday. South Stand tickets starting $300.

Induction Ceremony

This will be held on Saturday. General Admission ticket starting at $40

Weekly Boxes

There are three different box seats for the entire week.

  • Umbrella Boxes: 4 seats with a table and umbrella. Is at the base of the South Stands.
  • Sky Suites: Center Court matches in a social setting
  • Box Seats: Week-long shaded boxes for 6 or 8 people. Located on the east and west side of the stadium.

​Get in touch with the organisers by calling them at 401-849-6053 to inquire about this.