If you want to buy a pair of tennis shoes and do not know what do you need to do before doing that, here’s a list of factors to consider? Get our guide about tennis shoes and what you need to consider before buying tennis shoes.

The game of tennis can be a strenuous sport when played regularly and one of the most important pieces of tennis equipment is your pair of tennis shoes. That is why it is important to pick the best tennis shoes to suit one’s need. This selection process requires a close examination of one’s foot type, play style, foot size, types of materials and color required, and most especially, the type of court you play on.

Tennis shoes are designed to hold up to the numerous difficulties inherent in the court. This include stuffs like short sprints, lunging, quick stops and starts, lateral movements, quick pivots and jumping.

It is therefore essential that these shoes should be designed using heavier and stiffer materials, shock absorption, more cushioning, reinforced soles and reinforced toecaps.

Types of Tennis Shoes Styles

Tennis shoes come in various styles and designs. Although most of these shoes are built to some standards, not all tennis shoes share the same quality and would not provide the required comfort needed. Here are ways to recognize a good pair of tennis shoes.

Patterned soles

Tennis shoes are designed in such a way that the soles are usually flat. This sole type is dependent on the kind of surface one is going to play on. Playing with the wrong type of shoes may expose one to the risk of a short or long term injury or straining of the muscles.

Sturdy and Robust Heel

In buying a tennis shoe, one of the first thing to consider is the flexibility and reliability of the shoe. When compared to the normal pair of sports shoes, tennis shoes are designed to be more study with a robust heel.

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Durable Sole

The game of tennis requires frequent lateral movements that come with quick starts and stops. This makes it necessary to wear a shoe that has a durable sole, yet flexible enough. Bearing in mind that you are going to be changing position in the court during the game, it is necessary to go for a shoe with a solid sole.

Types of Court Surface

The difference in court surface has a part to play in determining the kind of tennis shoes to purchase. There are three different shoe choices to make when it comes to the court surface. This includes:

Hard Concrete Surface

The hard concrete surface requires a tennis shoe that has a strong, hardcore outer soiling. This concrete tennis court wears out shoes the fastest as a result of the high amount of friction that comes with dragging the shoe along the ground. Therefore it is important to go for shoes with a durable outsole, sturdy construction to give stability as well as a reinforced upper cover.

Grass and Clay Court

Playing on grass and clay court will require a different shoe altogether. This surface requires shoes with good traction. This is because grasses and clay are often slippery and players are prone to sliding or falling. It is also important to go for a shoe that has a non-marking outsole, so as not to damage the court.


Some tennis shoes are designed in a way that it can be used for both the soft and hard court surfaces. It also comes with the flexibility that allows a player to play in different weather condition with the same tennis shoe.

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Buying Guide for Shoes for Tennis

Here are some important factors to consider when making a buying decision for a pair of tennis shoes.

Tennis Shoes Sole Type

The sole type of shoe is one of the most important factors to consider when making a decision. The perfect sole type should match the type of court surface that you will be playing on. The concrete courts, clay courts, grass courts, and indoor carpets will require different types of tennis shoe soles.

Perfect shoe soles heighten the potential for changing direction quickly while running on the court. It is also important to note that passive players will need a more flexible sole than an aggressive player that would prefer a sturdy sole.

Lateral Support

Like we stated earlier, the game of tennis requires a lot of changes in direction and movement. This is the reason why one should go for a tennis shoe that provides an exceptional level of lateral support and durability.


The size of your feet is an important factor to consider when choosing the ideal tennis shoe for your game. If the shoes are too big, they may not be able to provide one with the needed stability and support required while playing. Also, wearing a tennis shoe that is too small can also cause blisters and a great deal of discomfort to the player.


Cushioning is essential in all tennis shoes. For the tennis shoe to provide an adequate cushion, it is expected that the tennis shoe manufacturer utilized EVA and polyurethane in giving the needed stability and sturdiness.


This is another important factor to consider when buying a tennis shoe. Playing with a shoe that is discomforting can be disturbing while on the game. A good tongue padding is vital to prevent the laces from the shoe in causing discomfort.


Tennis is one of the very few sports played on different types of surfaces, grass, hard court, clay, indoor hard courts, and at one point it was played on carpet too (but not any more at the highest level). And every surface demands a different kind of a shoe. For more details on which tennis shoes are best for the different surfaces, here’s our exhaustive guide.

Best Tennis Shoes For 2020

In selecting the best tennis shoes for your game, the following shoes can help you dominate your game since they come with more cushioning, durability, comfortability and lateral supports. Some of these brands include Adidas, Nike, Asics, Wilson, New Balance, and Babolat. This tennis shoe brands have been dominating the market and also improving on their previous models to help tennis player become better, stronger, faster and to play harder.

We have compiled a list of six best tennis shoes to buy in 2019 here. We will keep updating it to reflect the changing times and technology.