You’ve worked hard at becoming a tennis coach and now you need to find tennis coaching jobs. You may be well connected in the world of tennis, but you may also need to be innovative in finding new players.

Let’s take a look at how you can build up your tennis coaching business, inexpensively, smartly and successfully.

A few ideas to get you tennis coaching jobs.

  • Create a Facebook page.
  • Use Instagram.
  • Have a Linked In Profile.
  • Think about social media ads
  • Write tennis blogs
  • What about a website
  • Make a few tennis videos
  • Approach schools in the neighbourhood.
  • Approach tennis clubs in the neighbourhood.
  • Send emails to schools, clubs and colleges.
  • Flyers are always a good idea.
  • Look at Craigslist.
  • Create an app.
  • Join specific online groups.
  • Always keep your reference

Let’s take a look at the above in more detail.

Create A Facebook page

All businesses, big and small, should have a Facebook business page. Don’t confuse this with your own personal page, which should be personal.

Create a Facebook business page, which is free, ask everyone you know to follow you and to share your Facebook business page. Be consistent in posting, and don’t mix personal and business.

On your tennis coaching page, talk about tennis only, either about your tennis coaching, tennis in general, and even, promoting other tennis coaches (in different areas to yours) and tennis equipment.

It’s a good idea to post daily, at more or less the same time, and keep your posts interesting. Make sure you have all the right contact information on your Facebook tennis coaching page, and make use of all the free services on offer.

Instagram is a Good Tool Too

As a tennis coach, join Instagram and be consistent in posting your tennis coaching pics.

Again, try and post at the same time every day, keep your photographs to tennis only, and always make use of hashtags.

You can use several hashtags for a single photograph, and this is how people are going to find you. Here are a few:

#tennis #tenniscoach #tennisNewYork #besttenniscoach #tennisequipment #tennishoes #tennislessons #besttennislessons.

These are all just examples of hashtags, you will find your way as you go along.

On Instagram, you should follow schools, clubs and tennis players, which in turn will lead these people to following you.

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Have a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is another excellent tool.

Again, you can make your LinkedIn profile for free, like Facebook and Instagram, for free. Create a profile, make sure you have all your contact information readily available, and do a post per day.

Keep it simple, use hashtags and always, keep it relevant to tennis.

On LinkedIn, try and link with people in your area who would be interested in tennis (it can take time to find the right connections), especially schools, colleges and clubs. Once you are on LinkedIn, post pics with a little story attached, and we think it is a good idea to always put your contact number or email on the actual post.

Think about Social Media Ads for Tennis

If you have followed our list, you know have a Facebook, Instagram and LInkedIn profile.

Social media ads work and provided you put together a good campaign, can bring in a lot of business. You may want to get someone professional to help you, although this costs money, but you can also follow the free online tutorials.

You have to be fairly strategic with social media ads, so do research before you start them. If you are doing Facebook ads, you only want to target people who are in your area.

Let’s say you are a tennis coach in Brooklyn, New York and you specialise in kids coaching.

You want to target people who live in the Brooklyn area, you want to target families who have children, and perhaps you want to target schools in the area. You don’t want to target families who have newborn babies!

Facebook ads, or all social media ads, allow you to be very specific in who you target, using algorithms. If you are clever with your social media ads, you can reach the right people and be successful.

Do a little research first. And if you are advertising on Facebook, you can link these ads to Instagram if you want to, if you think it is worthwhile.

Write Your Own Tennis Blog

Content is what draws people to the internet, and to specific sites. You don’t have to be a fabulous writer to blog, although you should be pretty good.

Do a weekly blog, use SEO so that you draw people to your sites – New York tennis coaching, young tennis players, cheap tennis coaching (these are just examples) – and publish your blog on the above social media pages.

You could guest blog on tennis websites like this one, or you could use websites like to pen your thoughts on the same.

If you have a website, which is our next point, link your tennis blog to your tennis coaching website, and you should get readers pretty quickly, especially if you are smart with SEO.

What about a Tennis Coaching Website?

We think this is an excellent idea.

You do not have to have a fancy tennis coaching website, it can literally be a page or two.

It’s easy to create your own website using WordPress or Wix (there are plenty of others) and ensure your contact details are there, your credentials are up, a couple of decent photographs, and a bunch of good words about who you are, your experience, what you do, and how to contact you.

Keep it professional – if you can afford a professional website developer, use one – and keep it simple but interesting.

Your website can be linked to all your social media pages, and to your tennis blog, and it’s a good tool to have. If you have a website that is interactive, even better! And remember, people love looking at images, just keep them professional.

Here’s our piece on some of the best tennis coaching websites or blogs.

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Make Tennis Coaching Videos

The internet is evolving all the time, and content and images are important, but so are videos. In fact, video marketing is one of the more successful marketing tools.

Ask a friend, or a professional, to make a few videos of you, either while you are coaching (get the permission of the learner) or perhaps of you giving a few tips.

Use Youtube, publish the videos on your website and social media pages, and don’t forget to use SEO and hashtags.

Here’re some of the top YouTube channels for tennis coaching.

Approach Schools in Your Neighbourhood

If all the above pointers regarding the Internet leave you feeling exhausted, don’t worry! There is the old fashioned, and usually successful way, of approaching prospective tennis clients directly.

Have a few business cards printed out, or a leaflet, and make an appointment to see the schools in your neighbourhood and surrounds.

You may need to try more than once, but be persistent. You might need a CV, or your website, but have all the information readily available that you can leave behind.

Either the school will want you immediately, or will consider you for the future. You can also ask them if you can pin a few leaflets on their notice boards, for private coaching.

If you can get a school to endorse you as a tennis coach, so much the better!

Approach Tennis Clubs in Your Neighbourhood

As above, approach the tennis clubs in your neighbourhood and nearby. You might get lucky and find a position is available, or perhaps they will consider you for the future.

At the very least, ask if you can leave leaflets on their notice boards, and hopefully they will also endorse you as a tennis coach.

And of course, if you yourself belong to a tennis club, well, of course they should employ you as a tennis coach.

Send Emails to Clubs, Schools and Colleges

You can create a database of prospective clients and every month or so, send out a mail or a newsletter.

You need to be creative so that people read your mail! Always address the mail to the right person, make it as personal as you can, sell yourself well but do not oversell yourself, and get a good balance between marketing and advertising, without getting on anyone’s nerves!

If you have been advertising on social media, you will find you can build up a good data base from the people who click on your ads, and can then retarget them via email.

Flyers Are Always a Good Idea

Flyers are not expensive to print and you can leave them anywhere. You don’t want to waste them, so be strategic, but:

  • Leave them on the noticeboard of the local shops or supermarkets.
  • Place them on people’s windscreens outside schools or colleges.
  • Put them up in schools or colleges, and clubs, with permission.
  • Get someone to hand them out at the traffic light!

Flyers should be short and sharp and of course, with all the correct information and your contact details on them.

If you only coach adults, that must be on the flyer. If you only coach kids, put that information up. You don’t want to waste other people’s time, or your own time, with phone calls where you have to say “No”.

Look at Craigslist and Their Classified Ads

Everyone in the USA uses Craigslist where you can put ads in the classified section.

You can advertise your tennis coaching services and people can look for tennis coaching services on the site. There are also discussion forums you can join, although don’t spread yourself too thin.

Do your research on which forums to join, keep them sport orientated, or family orientated if you are coaching kids.

Create Your Own Tennis App

This is something that we need to go into further, but if you are technology savvy, look at creating a tennis app. You would need to market it, obviously, so people know how to find it, but it’s a great idea.

You could use it for all things to do with tennis, and at the same time, become known as the Tennis Pro in your area.

Look at the different tennis apps on the market and see if there is one you could join too. People use apps to find drivers, movers, to do their shopping and to find partners. They will use apps to find tennis coaches too.

Join Specific Online Groups to Do with Sport and / or Tennis

Again, you do not want to spread yourself too thin, so join the right groups, at least, do your research before you join a group.

There are groups for tennis in specific areas that you could join, and if there isn’t a group, well, you can join one. Most of these groups are on Facebook so you need to do a little googling to find the right group for you.

If there isn’t one in your neighbourhood, or town, start one! Such groups are great way for parents to ask questions about their kid’s tennis, sell tennis equipment such as second hand tennis racquets or shoes, and – to find tennis coaches that are recommended.

Always Keep Your References

When you get a reference from a tennis player, keep it! Use the references you get and put them on your social media pages, or on your website.

References and reviews are the best things to get your tennis coaching business up, running and successful. If a player leaves you, for whatever reason, ask for a written reference.

Word of mouth is often the very best way to get new players. Don’t be shy to ask for references.

There you are!

We have given you a whole lot of information on how To find tennis coaching jobs.

It might be tricky in the beginning to get new players, but if you are good, you are going to get them!

Be the best tennis coach you can be, keep learning, keep improving and if you need to, keep marketing your business.

Hold on to your passion or tennis, be reliable, professional and kind, and with these qualities, you can only be successful. Good luck!