Usually scheduled for the last week of August, the US Open is the year’s last Grand Slam. Although Wimbledon is the most coveted Slam title, this American-based event is considered by most tennis enthusiasts to be more enthralling on the basis of its crowd atmosphere and magnificent venue. Latest US Open betting odds for the upcoming edition of this competition will be updated below.

Since its advent in 1978, the US Open has been played in the glorious Arthur Ashe Stadium which was named after the legendary Ashe Arthur, winner of the first ever US Open in 1968-a tournament that becomes more unpredictable by the year.

And with $76 million on the line, the hype surrounding this spectacular contest is justified. Several tennis heavyweights have graced the US Open stage for years including Andy Murray, Serena Williams, Roger Federer, and the current champion, Novak Djokovic.

For tennis bettors, this is arguably the most in-demand summer event. It offers a wide array of betting markets and some of the most competitive odds in the tennis calendar. More so, its unpredictable nature – there have been three different men’s winners over the past three years and five different women’s winners over five years – is what makes this event a favorite amongst tennis bettors.

There are several betting markets that one could take full advantage of come the US Open and mentioned below are the latest odds for the US Open this year. Normally, several odds markets open whenever this tournament nears but even months before the start of the tournament, the US Open betting odds for outright winner and player betting can be found.

Compared to other markets, this is the most straightforward option for both amateur and elite tennis bettors. One is required to place a wager on who they think will emerge victorious in the women’s and men’s finals. Keep in mind your pick’s recent form especially in the previous Grand Slam, Wimbledon. Other notable mentions include over/under and match betting markets.

There are obvious risks involved with this betting market given a player needs to win seven matches in a row to win the title and what we would advise is to wait until the start of the tournament to go with this one. The reason for this is that in the lead-up to the US Open, there are many hard-court tournaments in the USA, called the US Open series of tournaments and form in those competitions matters a lot.

Some of the other markets include set betting which primarily deals with a game’s final score. Essentially, value is derived from this market by betting on the overall score of a tennis match. In order to make the most of this market, it is crucial that one keeps close tabs on unexpected starters with an aim of capitalizing on their performance later on in the contest.

The US Open, much like other Grand Slams, is very competitive, and requires a lot of research in order to make the most of this opportunity.

However, it is imperative that you locate which field you would like to focus on before the event commences. To this regard, one of the most viable options is the number of sets expected for each match.

Over/under markets offer you a flexible betting alternative since you are in a position to place a wager on the total number of sets for a particular match, as well as the total number of games.

More often than not, the cut-off mark for three-set games is around 38.5 while that of 2-set matches is 22.5. However, given the intense nature of these games, the end results often surpass the norm.

On the other hand, for concise stakers, match betting is a more convenient alternative as it offers bets for specific match-ups during the series. Still, accumulators offer the most prudent strategy since favorites tend to have minute odds.

And then comes our favourite handicap market for the US Open odds, which allows punters to bet on favourite players and get good odds in return. Read more about the tennis handicap betting here.

Latest US Open Betting Odds will be updated below. Get our US Open betting tips for 2019 here.