We’ve all seen the professional tennis players walk out on to the courts with a tennis bag filled with racquets. Sometimes, the tennis bags look like suitcases. One would think two racquets is enough for a professional player, although when you are playing at the speed of Federer, Djokovic or Nadal, three or four might be a good idea.

If you have ever wondered why do professional tennis players need so many racquets in their kit-bag during a match, here’s a list of possible explanations why that’s the case.

A Favorite Tennis Racquet

Everyone has a favourite tennis racquet.

The grip feeks perfect, the frame is the exact right size and material and the string tension is exactly as it should be.

If this tennis racquet breaks, or the strings break, it is important for the tennis player to have an exact replica.

The racquets in a professional tennis player’s bag are very often, but not always, exactly the same. Nadal, for example, plays with the Babolat AeroPro Drive, and in his bag, there are more than one Babolat AeroPro Drives inside, all the same size and strung exactly the same way.

Federer uses Wilson racquets and has had a 21-year relationship with them. He does carry a variety of racquets, but guaranteed, has more than one of his favourite racquets in his tennis bag.

The Match’s Not Going So Well

Look, we all know we should not blame our racquets when a game is not going our way, and the tennis professionals know this better than anyone. But it can give you a bit of a mental boost to change your racquet to try and change one’s fortunes if things aren’t going too well.

It’s almost psychosomatic – you know you are going to play better with another racquet, and maybe you do.

It’s not all mental though, sometimes your game is just not in tune with your tennis racquet and you need another one. It could be about your opponent’s game, the surface of the court, or the speed of the game.

Either way, it’s okay to change your racquet if you think it’s going to help you play better tennis.

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Do only Tennis Professionals Have a Many Racquets?

Tennis racquets are expensive. It’s also why you have to look after them.

For the average tennis player, a good tennis racquet is a worthwhile investment and it is one that is worth making. Because most average tennis players do not get sponsored and have to pay for their own tennis racquets, the usually only have one racquet, at the most two.

Tennis professionals, and we’ve all seen them at the Grand Slams and ATP tournaments, have many racquets. They earn a lot of money playing tennis, they are sponsored, and in all honesty, they need a few tennis racquets. If their strings break during a game, they cannot wait for the racquet to be restrung. They need an immediate replacement, hence the need for many racquets.

Recreational v Professional Tennis Players

If you are a new tennis player, one racquet is just fine. Rather, spend money and good a good one if you can; it will last you a long time.

If you are tennis player who is playing in tennis tournaments, you will need more than one racquet in your bag. You would rather not have to borrow a racquet if something happens to yours, and if you are serious about your tennis, you will a lot more comfortable having a second racquet you can depend on.

What about Racquet Abuse?

If you are a tennis player you will know that you have lost your temper from time to time on the tennis court. This is not something to be encouraged. Throwing your racquet, smashing it on the ground or smashing it over the net shows a lack of control and it shows an unhealthy mindset.

Saying that, professional players do lose their tempers occasionally, although they are encouraged not to by being fined or standing to lose crucial points. Although saying this, if a racquet breaks during a tennis temper tantrum, it’s nice to have a spare one.

Again, we would never encourage buying a second tennis racquet for this reason though, so the bottom line is, learn to control your temper.

There are a few good reasons to have a few tennis racquets in your bag.

  • It’s important to have a replacement if the strings break
  • It’s important to change racquets if the string tension changes
  • It’s important to have a replacement if the racquet breaks
  • A player may need to change his game and have different string tension
  • A player may need to adapt his game and change his tennis racquet grip

Isn’t it Expensive to Get a Tennis Racquet?

The good brand tennis racquets are not cheap, but saying that, they are also not going to break the bank.

Kids do grow out of tennis racquets – their bodies get taller, their hands get bigger and they get stronger, so they do need to have a new racquet every now and again.

It makes sense to buy an entry level tennis racquet when a child is just starting out with tennis, and to spend more money on the tennis racquets as the child starts taking the game more seriously.

It’s always a good idea to keep your old racquets as a spare. Unless the racquet is obviously too light, too small or just too wrong for you, keep your old racquet as a spare. And as you turn professional, invest in a few racquets of good quality. You never know, you may get sponsorship!

Do you Need the Tennis Bag?

If you are a new and recreational player, you can probably do without the bag. If you are playing tennis often, and competitively, a tennis bag is a good idea. You can keep your spare racquet in the bag, if you have one, and you can also keep balls, a towel, a drink or two, your tennis hat, sunblock, a change of clothing, something warm to wear after the game, and yes, from this list you can see, a tennis bag is a good idea!

To end off – one racquet is good for when you are starting out. Two racquets are good for when you start playing competitively at school or college. And when you turn pro, well, it’s all above. You probably do need a few tennis racquets in your bag.