If you are a squash or a racquetball player, and wanting to make a switch over to tennis or want to try playing tennis, you might wonder if you could do that without using a tennis racquet. Below we look at the pros and cons of playing tennis with a squash or a racquetball racquet.

Can you play tennis with a racquetball or a squash racquet? Simply speaking, no, tennis must be strictly played with tennis racquets and you must avoid using other sport racquets like squash or racquetball for it.

When you play a racquet sport, you need to play with the right equipment. Tennis needs to be played with a tennis racquet. Squash must be played with a squash racquet. And racquetball needs a racquetball racquet.

Why Should One Play Tennis with Only Tennis Racquets?

The shape of a tennis racquet is different to that of a racquetball or squash racquet, the size and style are different, and the games are all completely different too.

They are played in different environments and they need different strengths and capabilities. Tennis racquets are designed so that the game of tennis is optimised by the racquet and you would be doing a huge disservice to yourself, and to the game, if you played with another racquet.

Using a squash or a racquetball racquet for tennis could spoil your technique.

To be a good tennis player, you need to have good technique. This is something that is learned, and then practiced, over time. A good tennis player will be good, even with an old tennis racquet.

We don’t want you to get a terrible tennis racquet, by no means, but we are saying that if you are starting off as a new tennis player, an entry-level racquet, or a second hand racquet, is really acceptable. If you have skill, it will shine through. Once you know you are going to continue playing the game, you can upgrade your equipment.

It’s better to start with entry level tennis equipment anyway! This means, when you upgrade, WOW! Your strokes will be amazing, but you need the technique first.

Apart from the fact that it just would not work! If you use the wrong racquet, you will not get enough strength and power when hitting a tennis ball.

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What If I Don’t Have A Tennis Racquet?

If you want to start playing tennis, you need a tennis racquet. This does not mean you have to buy a tennis racquet straight away. You might not like tennis, and will have wasted a lot of money making the purchase. And perhaps you don’t have the money for a tennis racquet, even if you love the game.

So how do you get around this?

1. Talk To Your Friends

A lot of people have tennis racquets that they don’t use anymore and that are just lying around in the garage or storage space. Or tennis players have tennis racquets that they have outgrown and are also laying in a pile somewhere.

There is no harm in asking your friends, family or community, if someone has a tennis racquet that you can borrow. You might just get lucky and someone kind and generous says – ‘Take this one. I don’t need it anymore.’

2. Ask Your Local Tennis Club

If you have signed up for a series of tennis lessons, or just one tennis lesson, ask your sports coach. Pop into the local sports club in your area, and ask if they have a tennis racquet you can borrow. You could even put a note up on the wall.

Note that even if you have not signed up for tennis lessons, you can do this! People are generally kind and helpful and if you need to borrow a tennis racquet while you are learning, there is no better place to ask than at the tennis club.

3. Look For Second Hand Tennis Racquets

Tennis racquets last a long time, especially quality racquets, but people outgrow them. Professional or serious tennis players also like to try different racquets, and so they sell their second hand equipment.

Second hand tennis racquets can be perfect! It really does not matter if they have been used for months, or even years. If the player has looked after the tennis racquet, it should be just fine. You may need to add a new grip, or even get new strings, but if the tennis racquet frame is in good condition, you’re good to go!

If you are not sure where to look for a second hand racquet, use the internet! You have a number of options; it just depends on where you live and how you want to go about it. Here are some options, but there are more!

  • Gumtree
  • RacketsTrader
  • eBay
  • BidOrBuy
  • The Tennis Exchange.

It’s also not a bad idea to put out an SOS on your community WhatsApp or Facebook page, asking if someone local has a tennis racquet to sell you. You’ll probably get a number of replies saying YES.

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4. Buy An Inexpensive Tennis Racquet

Remember you do not need to have the most inexpensive tennis racquet on the market. When you are starting to play tennis, or when you are picking up the game again after a long dry spell, a cheap but good quality racquet is just fine.

Many of the well known tennis brands make entry level tennis racquets that are cheap and good quality. Take a look at Dunlop and Wilson, but don’t only look at these tennis brands.

Prince make a good entry level tennis racquet and Babolat, who are well known for their luxury brands, actually have well priced tennis racquets on the market. Head also have good quality but inexpensive racquets, and there are many other brands too. Do a little online research, read reviews, and also, ask your tennis coach or local sports club.

Keep An Eye Out For The Tennis Sales

Most of the big sports stores, online or in store, have sales. Sometimes, they are only over the holidays, on a Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but some stores have daily specials. Keep an eye out for tennis equipment sales and buy when a sale is on. You can do your research in advance, so you know what size head, what size grip, or what kind of frame you prefer.

Some Well Priced Tennis Racquets

This is pretty difficult as new racquets come on to the market all the time, and your favourite sports store may have a sale. This will give you bit of an idea:

Wilson Tennis Racquets

  • Wilson Roger Federer 21
  • Wilson Clash 108
  • Wilson Hyper Hammer

Head Tennis Racquets

  • Head T1 S6
  • Head Microgel Radical


  • Babolat Pure Drive
  • Babolat Pure AeroLite


  • Prince Attack 25

Note there are also tennis racquets sold that are not well known brands. Look at Senston and Street Drive. Compare prices, read the reviews, and if you are unsure, ask someone you know who does play tennis for advice.

Dunlop always make decent tennis racquets and have a good entry level range. Check out their Dunlop CV range.

Play Tennis With The Right Sized Racquet For You

It’s okay to play tennis initially with a racquet that is a little small, or big, or a little heavy or a little light, as you will get a feel for the game, BUT – it can be detrimental to your game, and is not advisable.

If you have no choice, do this (it’s better than using a squash racquet which you really must not do) but only do it initially. Then, borrow, buy second hand, or buy a well priced but decent tennis racquet.

It’s worth it, and there are some really good and affordable tennis racquets on the market.