Prince first launched 40 years ago, and is now one of the most trusted names in tennis and if you are looking for more information on on these Prince racquets, we have it all covered here. Here’s the ultimate guide on the Prince Tennis Racquets along with its review, price and how to buy these Prince racquets.

In 1970 Bob McClure was working in his garage, in New Jersey when he decided to reverse the motor on his vacuum cleaner and create the first commercial tennis ball machine. The machine was named, “Little Prince” and a legendary brand was created.

The brand is still going strong today with equipment that helps tennis players play a stronger game. It was in 1976 that Head patented the first “Oversize” tennis racquet, it had a 110 square inch (0.07 m²) head and was known as “The Prince”.

Prince manufacture genuine, reliable tennis racquets that are put through a series of quality assurance tests before being introduced to the market. The company believes that bigger is better, and so they specialize in making large tennis racquets.

Prince has moved strides since it was first introduced and seen as a laughing-stock for producing such a large tennis racquet. The first prototype for Prince was met with a lot of resistance, it was giant and experts thought it was a joke. However, older women were volleying much better despite the first reaction to the Classic Prince.

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The next line of Prince racquet won some male players over, but even for a few years it remained the focus of scorn. Eventually, by 1981, despite John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg still playing with wooden racquets, the majority of younger players had switched over to the Prince.

There was so much power to the larger racquet that it could not simply be dismissed. Amazingly, since the introduction of the oversized racquet in 1976, half of the racquets sold were oversized by the 1980s. Today we have massive racquets like the new Prince Vortex that provides great flexibility by using a “graphite-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic viscoelastic polymer”.

Types Of Prince Tennis Racquets

Prince Tour racquets are most typically recognized for their thin beams, and low flex points. They offer flexibility and are most suited for intermediate or advanced players, but beginners could use them.

There is a whole line of Tour Prince racquets that each offer different qualities. Selling at around $189.00, the Prince Textreme Tour 95 racquet is an amazing choice for an experienced player. This racquet is midsized and is great for accuracy when hitting the ball.

The Prince Textreme Tour 100P has a combination of control and feel. This is a racquet for intermediate or experienced players.

On the other hand, the Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) affords players a lot of spin, accuracy, strength and stability. It is perfect for intermediate or experienced players.

There is a type of Prince racquets by the name of Prince Textreme Tour 100 (290) racquets. These are a little lighter compared to the Tour 100 (310) and despite being light they are perfect for power control, easy spin and a fantastic feel for intermediate tennis players.

The Prince Textreme Tour LOLL (260) racquets are the lightest addition to the Tour line, as such it is great for beginners who want to improve their game. It has more stability for its weight class.

There is also the Phantom line of tennis racquets that belongs to Prince.

The Prince Phantom Pro 100 (18×20) has a thin beam and thick string pattern, it is perfect for advanced players who want more control in their game. The Prince Phantom Pro 93P is a midsized player’s racquet suited for experienced players who want to focus on control and plow-through.

The Prince Phantom Pro 100P has a traditional beam with a classic feel. It is ideal for experienced players who want lot’s of accuracy on full swings.

There is also the line of Prince Beast racquets which are quick, spin well and are powerful. There are models for every ability as well as O3-port options.

The Prince Textreme Beast O3 100 is a racquet for fast player’s with vibration dampening. It is perfect for the intermediate player who is on the look out for easy targeting and a smooth ride.

Prince Warrior racquets blend precision and speed with a wonderful feel. They have different weights in and are suitable for most abilities. This brand of racquets use different technology including the crossbar stabilizer to improve strength. They have a double bridge that helps reduce vibration.

Prince Lightning and Thunder racquets are classic Prince tweeners and are reminisce of the Thunder series of the 90’s.

Prince Junior racquets are for children to play. There are different racquets for each age group. The Junior Prince is perfect for a first tennis racquet.

There are literally so many Prince racquet’s available and new technology is being created all the time so who knows what could be next?

Some of the Top Players Sponsored by Prince:

Lucas Pouille
Kingdom James Ward
Jelena Jankovic
Shuai Peng
Annika Beck
Mona Barthel
Andre Agassi
Michael Chang
Albert Costa
Juan Carlos Ferrero
David Ferrer
Patrick Rafter
Gabriela Sabatini
Maria Sharapova
Daniela Hantuchova
Marion Bartoli

Best Way to Buy Prince Racquets:

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