Roger Federer is expected to play a plethora of exhibition tennis matches over the next few years against some of his top rivals. Get the schedule and live streaming options for all of Roger Federer’s exhibition matches that will be played over time here.

The Swiss maestro, who ended his ATP season with a semifinal appearance at the ATP Finals where he went down to Stefanos Tsitsipas, will now begin an off-season series of exhibition matches in various parts of the world.

He will be travelling to South America, Mexico and Hangzou in China apart from South Africa next year where he will play Rafael Nadal in an exhibition match. Federer, however, won’t be featuring in Saudi Arabia but has refused to give reasons for his decision. Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal will be playing in Saudi Arabia as a part of their exhibition schedule.

Roger Federer Exhibition Schedule & Live Streaming Options

November 19, 2019

Roger Federer v Alexander Zverev
Venue: Santiago, Chile
Timings TBA

Result: Federer won 6-3, 4-6, 6-4

November 20, 2019

Roger Federer v Alexander Zverev
Venue: Arena Parque Roca, Beunos Aires, Argentina
Timing: 6 pm local time (9 pm BST)

Result: Zverev won 7-6, 7-6

How to watch Federer v Zverev live streaming in Argentina?

The Federer-Zverev match live streaming can be watched online as a pay per view (PPV) with the official website here. You will need to register with the website by clicking on the ‘Buy’ button and signing up with your username and password.

And then if you are looking to watch the Federer-Zverev live stream, you will need to use Paypal or Credit Card to pay $7 for the PPV option.

November 22, 2019

Roger Federer v Alexander Zverev
Venue: Movistar Arena, Bogota, Colombia
Timing: TBA

Result: Match was cancelled because of a curfew

How to watch Federer v Zverev live streaming in Colombia?


November 23, 2019

Roger Federer v Alexander Zverev
Venue: Mexico City, Mexico
Timing: TBA

Result: Federer won 3-6, 6-4, 6-2

How to watch Federer v Zverev live streaming in Mexico?


November 24, 2019

Roger Federer v Alexander Zverev
Venue: Quito, Ecuador
Timing: 1 am BST next day (8 pm New York time)

How to watch Federer v Zverev live streaming in Ecuador?

USA viewers can watch this match live on the Tennis Channel.

Result: Federer won 6-3, 6-4

December 28-29, 2019

Roger Federer v Alexander Zverev
Venue: Hangzhou, China
Timing: 6 pm local time

How to watch Federer v Zverev live streaming in Hangzhou?

Click here for the preview, live streams and tickets.

Result: TBA

February 2020

Roger Federer v Rafael Nadal
Venue: Cape Town, Argentina
Timing: TBA

How to watch Federer v Nadal live streaming?

The live streaming options for the Federer-Nadal exhibition, Match for Africa match will be announced soon. To get more information on the Federer-Nadal exhibition match in Cape Town, click here.

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