Arguably the great women’s tennis player of all times, Serena Williams has won a record 23 Grand Slam titles in her career and is gunning for a record 24 wins. A small part of her success can be put down to Williams knowing what works the best for her and that includes the weapon of her choice; Serena Williams’ racquet.

Serena began her professional career in 1995, played her first Grand Slam in 1998 before clinching her first major title in 1999 (it was at the US Open). It took Serena another three years to win another Grand Slam but since then she has added another 22 singles Grand Slam wins under her belt.

Add 16 doubles titles to her tally and Serena Williams has a whopping 39 Grand Slam wins pouched and with more than 300 weeks at the top spot in the WTA Rankings, winning a Grand Slam while she was a few weeks pregnant and a never-say attitude that has kept her going for nearly 22 years make Serena one of the most-watched tennis players of all times.

And this is not even counting her four Olympics gold medals, including three at the doubles competitions.

Since returning to tennis following the birth of her daughter, Serena hasn’t participated in too many tournaments outside of the Grand Slam but even so, made it to four title-deciders at majors – twice at Wimbledon and twice at the US Open. She has lost each time but to return from a difficult delivery and keep delivering on court makes her twice a legend as she already was.

And that 24th Grand Slam title should not be too far either.

One of the main components of Serena’s game is the mental side of things which has often been on show when she has fallen behind in a match, having won three of her Grand Slam titles after being match-points down.

As far as her game is concerned, Serena prefers baseline play but the power of her groundstrokes following her strong serve usually sets up the points for her. With a booming forehand Serena has, it helps her clinch a lot of points with winners while this aggressive intent add the unforced errors risk to her game, it has rarely affected her track record.

For a game which so heavily relies on aggression and packing power, Williams’ racquet would have to be customised for her requirements.

So, Which is Serena Williams’ Racquet?

Serena Williams has been with Wilson for most part of her tennis career and currently is using the Serena Williams Blade 104 Autograph racquet or the Wilson Blade SW104 Racquet as it’s also called.

This racquet is customised to suit Serena’s requirements which includes a larger head size and a longer length, while it is heavier than the stock racquet which is sold in the market.

Get the exact technical specifications of the Wilson Blade SW104 Racquet available in the market below. As mentioned, Serena’s racquet carries more weight than what’s mentioned below.

  • Length: 28 in./71 cm
  • Head Size: 104
  • Weight: 11.4 oz/323 gm (Serena’s racquet has a weight of around 330 gm)
  • Balance Point: 13.4 in/34 cm/5pts Head Light
  • Construction: 22 mm Straight Beam
  • Composition: Countervail/Graphite
  • String Pattern: 18 Mains/19 Crosses
  • Swing Weight: 341 (Serena’s racquet has a swing weight of around 355-360 gm)

Watch the below video reviewing the Wilson Blade SW104 Racquet:

The Wilson Blade SW104 Racquet can be bought from a range of stores with Amazon being our most preferred option; however you must keep in mind Serena’s racquet is a customised version and could be different from what you are buying. Also if you are looking to buy this or other tennis racquets in the USA, here’s our comprehensive guide on the same.