Headquartered in Paris, Tecnifibre is a manufacturer of tennis equipment, while also being a squash equipment manufacturer. The company was first formed in 1979 by Thierry Maissant, who is currently the CEO of the company. If you are looking for more information on Technifibre racquets, we have it all covered here. Here’s the ultimate guide on the Technifibre Tennis Racquets along with its review, price and how to buy these Technifibre racquets.

Apart from racquets, Tecnifibre also manufactures bags, strings, apparel and other tennis accessories and their expertise lies in tennis racquets strings.

Technifibre are known globally for modern and technologically advanced tennis accessories and racquets. The company has fantastic results in the tennis world with many fans all over the world. Known for being used in all different ways, like the all-court game where all different styles are used.

Technifibre racquets are ideally matched for players who want to manage and balance all kinds of shots required in their games. They will help with shots such as approach shots and add more underspin or topspin to the shot.

Microfibrical enhancement technologies are used to manufacture these racquets and PU300 is placed inside the racquet which gives players the best action on the court. The gears perform different types of shot with accuracy due to the scientific design. The racquets are a force to be reckoned with in the field, with design and feel features that provide the best for players.

Years of design qualities have been used to make these racquets superb quality and build. The gears are a specific feature quite unlike other brands. In every two Tecnifibre gears you will not find anything alike as improvements and microenhancements are used.

The professionals who design each racquet are specialised in tennis and expert in their game. The majority of the time, celebrity players suggest their own preferences so the racquet will be designed accordingly.

Technifibre Racquet Types

Technifibre racquets have 2 main lines; the power-geared T-Flash Range and the control T-Flight range. Some of the best juniors use Technifibre racquets and professionals Janko Tipsarevic and Jeremy Chardy also use them.

The T-Rebound Tempo 2 275 racquet weighs 275g, and is perfect for a club player who wants something lightweight yet powerful.

The Tecnifibre T-Rebound Tempo 2 285 Tour Lite weighs in at 285g and is a solid choice for competitive players who are looking for spin and power.

The Tecnifibre T-Rebound Tempo 2 260 Power Lite Tennis Racquet has a very light weight yet does not compromise on power or speed.

The Tecnifibre T-Fight 305 XTC Tennis racquet has been endorsed by well known players; Daniil Medvedev and Jeremy Chardy.

Technifibre hit a brand new milestone recently as ATP and introduced the ATP official racquet, string, bag and accesories of the ATP world tour.

It is fantastic that Technifibre are part of the Association of Tennis Professionals since this is recognized as the major governing body of men’s tennis. A recognition such as this is certainly indicative of the quality of racquet they produce.

Recently the T-Fight line had a major makeover, keeping with the traditional French colors and staying true to the Technifibre brand, yet in a current, stylish way.

The T-Flight XTC line has seven models and the largest range in the performance racquet.

Each player has differing needs whether they are a baseliner with the need for precision on groundstrokes or a big server, each player plays to their individual strengths. However, having a racquet that helps support those strengths is key to a more enjoyable game.

Technifibre observed each player before designing racquets that took into consideration game style, ability and technique. With this requirement, Technifibre redesigned the entire 300 gram range to give a better feel when compared to the older version of racquet.

The handle was extended making it easier to get a two-handed backhand. A new rectangular shape, shaft cross sections provided more stability and power.

The brand took it even further with a new string pattern with less crosses that provides an improved spring effect. The new racquets are designed to make certain shots easier like the blocked return where very little backswing is required.

XTC construction was added above the grip which adds to the stability and feel. Now thanks to the addition of EZ lock and grommets it is even easier to string. The range is fantastic for players at all levels and those who are improving their game and trying out new techniques like extra backspin on their racquet stroke.

The range has 7 models that are separated into 3 groups. There are the light weight models that are designed for performance in younger or older club players. These have a 100 square inch head and are available in 3 different weights; 265g, 280g and 295g.

The power models are designed for more advanced players who are looking for a traditional but, powerful frame, available in 2 weights of 300g and 315g.

For those players who are at the top of their game and want traditional but, a more compact frame there are the Control models. The Control models weigh 305g and 320g.

The range is relevant because they offer the perfect racquet based on the player’s progress from a young age. Technifbre are a range that will last the length of your game until you retire. They are with you from the start and when you get to the finish line.

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Some of the Top Players Using or Sponsored by Technifibre Racquets:

Daniil Medvedev
Janko Tipsarevic
Denis Istomin
Jeremy Chardy
Daria Kasatkina
Denis Kudla
Marius Copil
Sachia Vickery

Best Way to Buy a Technifibre Racquet:

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