Looking to play the game of tennis and wanting to know which tennis clubs are around you? Here’s more on where you can play tennis around you in your area.

Tennis is a popular sport as we all know. Not just in terms of the worldwide following that the professional tour commands, but also a sport people love to play for themselves.

We realized that there are a few obstacles people face when they want to workout. Firstly, it is their own lack of volition; people often put it off, citing some other day top do it.

Now this is one obstacle you have to take care of yourself, we cannot do this one for you. You only have to ask around to realise that while people want to play tennis, they face certain hurdles disabling them from doing so. The hurdles range from having no coaching, or finding a hitting partner or most commonly and most importantly, finding the tennis courts.

Physical fitness is a huge part of it. Professional tennis players are possibly the fittest athletes on the planet, and for a reason. Tennis requires you to be not just good on stamina, but also be flexible, sharp, agile and more. The best thing about this is that this makes it the perfect sport for one to get some good workout and get in shape. If you resort to this as your workout, there is a good chance you will always be looking forward to your fitness routine.

If you have played tennis you can understand why it is so often the preferred workout of a lot of people; it is a unique sport in the sense that you not only need to be athletic but also keep your mind sharp. It is almost like chess, except in tennis you are the only piece you control.

The feeling of going up against another person in a battle of physical fitness and intellect is like none other; you constantly find yourself trying to outfox the person across.

Well if you read this and get inspired to go play some tennis, or even if you have already made up your mind, you are in luck. We are going to detail a list of some of the finest Tennis Clubs, Academies, Coaching centres and simply tennis courts across the United States so that you can start stimulating yourself with some tennis.

You cannot play tennis without the courts now can you? This is the most major hurdle people face, they do not know about the tennis courts they can avail and play on. So we thought, why not help you out in that area and spread the tennis-bug around.

We understand that some people are looking not just for the courts, but also some coaching in the sport so we have decided to give you a look at the tennis courts around and also some of the finest tennis academies where you can go for some coaching.

Firstly we will list some of the wonderful tennis clubs in the USA. While they may not be near you, these are some clubs that you can visit if and when you do get the chance. They are interesting clubs that are definitely worth the hassle to visit once. We are only listing the Clubs that are open to the public.

Rome Tennis Center, Georgia

The Rome Tennis Center boasts of 60 courts and what’s more, they are USTA-standard of asphalt courts including three center courts for tournaments and events. This is a huge tennis club that has plenty of courts to play on. The entire facility is built on a 30-acre site, so you can imagine it is spectacular to just lay your eyes own, let alone play there.

The club also holds events throughout the year while also offering introductory programs to the sport.

It also has a satellite facility called the Downtown Tennis Center, which is about 3 miles away from the main establishment. This one has 16 courts, all of them USTA standard courts. They are also open on a daily basis, so you can go there with your friends and play some tennis.

The charges vary according to the time period during the day in which you go and play. You can reserve courts by visiting their website here.

Location Address:

Rome Tennis Center at Berry College
100 Match Point Way, Rome, GA 30165

Wintergreen Resort Tennis Courts, Virginia

The Wintergreen Resort spans a spectacular 11,000 acres on the slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The resort is home to a total of19 clay courts and 3 indoor deco-turf courts. You can book the tennis courts according to your needs based on weekday and weekend rates.

The resort also provides coaching. They have coaching programs for all levels of skill, be it beginner, intermediate or advanced. So whatever you are looking for, coaching or a day of tennis with your friends, you can visit the resort and have some court time.

Location Address:

Route 664
Wintergreen, VA 22958

New Shrewsbury Racquet Club, New Jersey

The New Shrewsbury Racquet Club has a total of 12 indoor hard courts. The club is home to multiple USTA Junior tournaments as well as junior and adult USTA Team Tennis. The club provides a comprehensive list of coaching programs for a variety of categories like juniors, adults private lessons and more. They have an experienced staff of pros at the club to improve your game.

You can also rent the courts at the club for your own private game of tennis. There is a fixed rate of $48/hour during open time, if you are looking to rent a court, which comes with a ball machine as well. You can do this on their website here, https://www.nsrctennis.com.

Location Address:

71 N Gilbert St,
Red Bank, NJ, 07701

Winchester Indoor Lawn Tennis Center, Massachusetts

The Winchester Indoor Lawn Tennis Center houses 14 hard indoor courts in two buildings. This is an age-old tennis center, with its establishment dating back to 1965. It has wonderful facilities like court-lighting and climate control. The center offers a variety of coaching programs for junior and adult players. They have a coaching staff consisting of 12 professionals.

You can also rent the courts for yourself and play with your friends. The courts are available everyday between 6 p.m. until 11 p.m. You have the option of booking one-time court timings or even on a contract basis for a 34-week period. So if you are looking for a regular weekly game of tennis with your group, you have a wonderful center to play at.

Location Address:

41 East Street
Winchester, MA 01890

Now these are just some of the interesting tennis clubs and resorts you can check out if you can. We understand that you may not be close to the clubs mentioned above, and you are looking for tennis courts nearby that you can play on, with your friends or to get some coaching for yourself.

So keeping that in mind, we have made a list of the websites that you can make use of to locate tennis courts around you. Let us now take a look at some of the websites that you can use to find.


The first website we would like to introduce to you is TennisRound.com. It is a wonderful portal, where you can do a lot more than just look for tennis courts. They also have a tennis community of 40,000 people, spread across multiple cities in the USA. It is a community of tennis players, coaches and people looking to get into tennis.

The website keeps a database of all the players, coaches and the tennis courts of an area. This enables you to search for players around you to practice with as well as coaches that you can make use of to improve your game.

The website has a rating system that it uses to categorize all the players and the coaches. It enables you to respond to match requests by SMS or email. What’s more, they also have a rankings list.

It features a search engine specifically for finding tennis courts, where you can apply multiple filters to find courts that best-suit your needs. The website offers a basic membership that has limited features that you can use and also three premium membership options. We suggest you try the basic membership and follow-up with a premium membership should you have a satisfactory experience.


We figured some of you might already have a hitting partner and the sole problem being you do not know of courts around you. Well we have a recommendation for that too. Tennismaps.com is the perfect tool for you.

This website will simply list and show you the tennis courts all across the USA. You can also apply filters like a particular State, city or even zip code while searching for courts. You can view the details of a particular tennis center as well along with a Google Maps view of the place. You can also look for directions to any tennis court through the option of Google driving instructions.

It is also quite informative about the courts in question; the different features of the tennis courts are detailed on the map too like if the center is private or public, if the courts are indoors or outdoors, lighted or not. So using this website you can easily locate good tennis courts and centers around you with all the information at beforehand.


TennisCourtsMap.co is another wonderful tool you can use to locate tennis clubs and courts across the USA. This website goes beyond just tennis courts; it has options for you to search for tennis clubs, hotels, stores, academies etc. This is a website that also works outside the USA.

Once you make the search and see tennis courts near you, you can simply click on the logo on the map and you will get all the details of that particular club. Address, GPS coordinates as well as map location and directions are all listed here to help you locate the tennis courts easily. The only drawback perhaps is that you cannot book a court through the site. That would have made it the perfect website.


Playyourcourt.com is a website that leans towards finding you the right tennis partners and coaches than the courts itself. It has a distinct algorithm that it uses called the Practice-Finder, which makes it quite easy for you to look for players that match your skill-level. It also helps you with the scheduling of the tennis-session.

The website is functional across the country and has thousands of coaches across the nation. You can schedule a training session with a coach on tennis courts near you. The website will present you with the right local coaches for you tennis goals.

If you are one of those who is unable to play tennis or putting it off for the lack of a partner, this is a wonderful solution for you. You can easily find a partner and also set a session that works for both players’ schedule. Additionally, they also organize leagues and matches for the players. So if you are up for some competition, this is the right place to be.


Playtennis.com is an absolute dream if you simply wish to look around for tennis courts. This does not mean it does not provide other features as well. You can also search for tennis games, coaches as well as retailers.

But searching for the tennis courts is the major tool here. You can look for tennis courts with reference to your State, city, zip code and also the radius you want the courts within. You can also sort the results by distance and use your own location as a reference.

Selecting one of the results will get you full details of the tennis courts and or club. It will detail the address of the place, how many courts there are, lighted or not and also if they are open to the public. It also lists any programs that are taking place at the club. The website of the particular club is also listed if they have one.

Tennis makes for very good workout. If you are already a player, you know the feeling. Should you opt for tennis to be your routine workout, you will not regret it.

Tennis soon stops being merely a workout and you suddenly realize, you simply love being out on the court. What more could you ask for in a fitness session? So look around for players and tennis courts so that you can channel your inner tennis warrior out there on the court.