If you are on this page, my assumption is you are about to start off with your tennis journey or have already begun but want to take that step up. In doing so, you are looking to understand what are the factors to consider while buying a new tennis racquet and which are the best tennis racquets for beginners.

Obviously if you are at a stage where you have a fair idea about how tennis racquets work, and have a better understanding about your own game, then take a look at which tennis racquets do the top tennis players use along with their specs here.

So, as a beginner, if looking for knowledge on how to choose the right tennis racquet for yourself, one that will help you advance and improve your game, we have all the information here.

Before we get down to the business of recommending our favourite few tennis racquets for those starting out, it also makes sense if you understood which are the factors to consider while choosing racquets.

After all, it’s one thing to spoon-feed you which racquets to kick-start your tennis career with but if you want to understand your game more deeply, it’s also necessary for you to know which factors are make-or-break for tennis racquet purchases.

As you become more experienced, these factors will become a part of your muscle memory, you would understand your own game more inherently and as a result you wouldn’t really need to drill down that deeply into this ready-reckoner. However, for now, we recommend you first go through these factors to look at before buying a tennis racquet.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Racquet as a Beginner

Some of the key factors to be considered before selecting a tennis racquet as a beginner can be explained in the paragraphs to follow. However, for a quick glance, look at the table below to get a decent idea on the approximate measurements for the same.

FactorApproximate Size
Racquet Size (Sq. In)111
Racquet Length (Inches)More than 27.5
Racquet Weight (strung in grams)Less than 310
PriceUnder $150
Other FactorsPower over Control

Head Size

The head size of your new racquet should be large so you can hit the ball with more precision.

Large head racquets usually have a sweet spot which makes the ball hit the center of your gear. Moreover, you will have more area to hit the ball giving you accurate shots and which will eventually help you build up the habit of hitting the ball in the middle. This will also help you improve your game quickly.


Like every other beginner, you won’t have much power in your swings. Therefore, a racket that helps transfer the maximum amount of energy to the ball could be a great boon.

But for that again, you would need a big head size. This would allow you to stay at the baseline and shoot the ball with enough pace towards your opponent.


The lightweight feature is a very important one. It helps you play easily and also prevent injuries at the same time. The heavier models are obviously harder to play and control and eventually lead to injuries and large amounts of pain if not properly trained.


Finally, when you are buying a racquet, ensure that when you grab it, it feels good and the handle is made of a comfortable material and is firm. Fit your little finger between the ends of your thumbs and other fingers while holding it and that’s how you will check your grip like a pro.


There cannot be too much doubt the tennis racquet price is a solid factor in deciding which one to buy at most levels but more so at the beginner level where one is probably unsure of one’s own game or even whether tennis is the sport to pursue.

So these are the key factors that need to be taken in account when choosing a tennis racquet. And the following are some of the racquets which are recommended by coaches and professionals.

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This company is one the most popular companies for high-quality and long lasting tennis racquets and this racquet is one of their best sellers. Even though it was introduced in 1996, it still is the best racquet for beginners.

It comes pre-strung which is something every new player wants. And it also helps you save your time and money of getting it strung at a shop.

It has an ideal head featuring a synthetic gut 16 silver with 61 pounds string tension which in turn gives it a bigger sweet spot. The racquet is sure to give you more confidence

Babolat Drive 115

It is one the best tennis racquets and is lightweight and also has a short backswing. It provides more maneuverability making it the perfect choice for beginners.

It has a large head size of 740 sq. cm made out of graphite which increases the sweet spot with great amounts of stiffness which will make it easier to control your shots.

It is extremely comfortable due to the Cortex and Woofer system and a balance point of 35.6cm which enhances the power factor.

Prince Textreme Tour 100T

It is a super-fast racquet with power that you can control with a strong yet lightweight material which results in more stability. It also has good ability for a better transfer of energy from your swings.

The low stiffness of the racquet allows you to string it easily with any kind of poly making you enjoy it at the court.

Majority of the users have said that it lets you add double the power, spin and even produce groundstrokes that leave your opponent in shock.

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung

It is a very popular tennis racquet and has a perfect combination of balance and power which makes you excel in your game.

There are two different models available: Midplus and Oversize. Midplus comes with a 95 sq.in head size while oversize comes with a 110 sq.in head. Thus oversize offers a large sweet spot. It comes pre-strung and is one of the most powerful tennis racquets.

It has a 10-point head heavy frame whose construction is remarkable and helps generate a lot of power. It overall, is as light as a feather while giving you absolute control over it.

HEAD Liquidmetal 8 Prestrung

This racquet has enormous power, control and comfort and is one the most popular racquets available on the market. It is made out of liquid metal technology which improves its output power.

This technology also prevents the racquet from deforming and provides Total Sweetspot Construction. The titanium used helps enhance the rigidity and results in strength and stiffness. NoShox dampening system, Integrated String Dampenes and HydroSrob grip make it extremely careful and makes it the best experience.