Tennis shoes do not need to be washed all that often, unless you happen to be playing tennis in the mud, an unlikely scenario.

Most tennis shoes can be wiped down after a tennis session, and sometimes, only need to be wiped down after a few sessions. Tennis shoes are usually made of a combination of leather and strong breathable fabric, and apart from getting a little scuffed on the tennis court, tennis shoes do not usually get too dirty.

Wiping Down your Tennis Shoes

There are a few reasons to wipe down your tennis shoes after a game.

  • Keep them looking good.
  • Remove any dirt or scuff marks.
  • Ensure they do not get smelly.
  • Maintain the quality.

Truthfully, a good pair of tennis shoes are unlikely to get smelly.

Your socks might get smelly and you should DEFINITELY wash these every time you wear them (haha) but your shoes, unless they are not good quality, are unlikely to stink.

You might want to give them a bit of an airing after playing, but just make sure the dog cannot get them. Leave them outdoors, for between ten minutes and half an hour, so they can breathe and get some fresh air.

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This usually gets rid of any odour they may have.

If you do wipe down your tennis shoes, use a cotton rag or towel, preferably a microfibre cloth, and a little warm water.

You only need to use a mild soap or detergent, and keep it mild and diluted. A brush can come in handy, but it should not be too hard. If you don’t have a shoe brush but need one to get into those spots by the laces, or deep inside the shoe, you can use an old toothbrush.

What About the Laces?

Your tennis shoe laces may need a proper wash from time to time. You don’t have to do it often, only if they get dirty.

You can also replace the laces if yours get a bit old and tattered. Tennis shoes can be expensive; tennis shoe laces are not.

You can throw the laces in the washing machine (but without the shoes) but again, you don’t need to do it often or unless the laces are dirty.

Mind you, laces can get dirty because they are handled a fair amount, so don’t be too slovenly! If you have a really good pair of tennis shoes, rather wash the shoelaces by hand. They will dry quickly and you don’t run the risk of them shrinking or getting tangled.

Washing and Blotting

This is a good method for washing your tennis shoes. Use a cloth and a little warm water. You can add a mild cleaning detergent if your shoes have got quite dirty.

Dip the cloth in the soapy water, without making the cloth too wet. Rub your shoes gently, then blot them with a dry cloth. This way you are cleaning them but not changing the shape of the shoe, or weakening the fabric of the shoe.

By the way, if your tennis shoes are really dirty, watch this.

Throwing Tennis Shoes in the Washing Machine

This is really not a good idea. A washing machine can change the shape of the shoe, weaken the leather of the shoe, and weaken the fabric.

You will have all kinds of problems when you dry out the shoes, especially with soles and lace. Unless your tennis shoes are old and you are not so precious about them, do not use a washer to clean your tennis shoes.

Rather do it on your own, with a brush, damp cloth and a little soapy water.

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Tennis Shoe Cleaning Kits

A sports store that specialises in ball and racquet sports usually sell shoe cleaning kits. They are not expensive and generally last a long time.

We think it is generally fine if you use a sneaker cleaning kit, for a tennis shoe, but read the instructions carefully before use. There are a variety of kits on the market – basic kits and premium kits, as well as simple shoe wipes.

You can also buy microfibre cleaning cloths online, and in bulk. Do your research, check the internet and check the guidelines before you make a purchase.

We will soon update you with a very comprehensive list on shoe cleaning products, mostly for luxury sneakers.

Specialist Tennis Shoe Cleaners

If you live in a big city, you will find someone specialist to clean your tennis shoes. As the experts say, if you don’t clean the stains early on, you may never get rid of them.

If you do have scuffs on your shoes, wipe them down when you get home. Give your tennis shoes a proper clean every few weeks or so.

Air them out after each game. Look after your tennis shoes well and they will look after you too, whilst on the court. Now, lace them up and get playing.

You, and your snazzy tennis shoes, have a match to win!