Where to Stay in Melbourne?
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The Australian Open is played at the Melbourne Park each year. It attracts tourists from all parts of the world in the month of January. If you are on this page, it means you probably already have an Australian Open ticket and are looking at the various stay options available in Melbourne close to the Melbourne Park. This includes budget hotels, hostels and home-stays and other possible options. Please read on for our ultimate Australian Open hotels guide on where to stay in Melbourne during the first Grand Slam.

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Here’re the various hotel options you have to stay close to the Rod Laver and other Arenas.

Accor Hotels

AccorHotels.com is the official partner of the Australian Open and with them, you can find the perfect hotel room for your seamless stay in Melbourne. Some of the top Accor Hotels in Melbourne are as follows:

However, if you are looking at some other accommodations which are a little lighter on the pocket, you can also opt for various hostels and budget hotels in the lovely town. Here’re some of our Melbourne accommodation recommendations close to the Melbourne Park.

Society Accommodation

This is not a hotel but more on the lines of a service apartment close to the Australian Open arena. It’s located in South Yarra in Melbourne and is one of the fastest selling places around where the tennis is played each year.

This is more suited for four people since the house has two bedrooms with a large bed each, and has all the amenities you would expect from an apartment like this. There’s a patio, a balcony with a view, television, air-conditioning, sound-proofing, private bathroom, free wifi among others.

Among those available, this is also the best value for money and a very highly-rated property; a rating of 10/10 at the moment on Booking.com.

Book your Society Accommodation for an Australian Open stay here.

Lovely Older Home

In terms of the works, the Lovely Older Home doesn’t quite match up the one before this, the Society Accommodation. However, the reason we have it here is because we understand the value of budget home-stays when you are out on a vacation, especially when you are going to be spending so much time away from the room anyway. Now that doesn’t mean this service apartment compromises on quality because the rating is a whopping 9.8/10 on Booking.com and it’s one of the most inexpensive places you could find close to the Rod Laver Arena.

In fact, that rating+cost combination is one of the best you would find on any of these hotel booking websites and we hugely recommend it. There’s free wifi and the beds are extra-long here, but the low cost comes with the inconvenience of there being shared bathrooms, so if that’s not your thing, read on.

You can book your Lovely Older Home stay for the Australian Open here.

Mantra on Jolimont

Unlike the previously mentioned apartments, the Mantra on Jolimont is what’s described as an Aparthotel. And while it’s not as highly-rated as the previous ones – 8/10 on Booking.com – the reason why we have included it in this list is because it’s not just the most reasonably-priced place but one of the closest to Melbourne Park.

The property is close to Melbourne’s CBD. Even the likes of the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Botanic Gardens and Victorian Arts Centre are all within walking distance. To add to that guests staying at this property can avail of a hot tub, fitness centre and an outdoor swimming pool with an option between a studio apartment and one or two bedroom homes.

So why is the rating low? It could be to do with the fact there’s no free WiFi available at this property. This implies you would need to use your own phone’s Hotspot to get yourself the internet you need. Or you will need to arrange it another way.

If this isn’t acceptable to you during your Melbourne visit for the Australian Open, then avoid this property but otherwise, this is one of the lowest-priced places that’s so close to the tennis.

Book your room at the Mantra on Jolimont for your Australian Open visit here.

Where to stay in Melbourne

Luxuries CBD Apartment with Views

Another Aparthotel like the previous one and what makes this even better is the high Booking.com rating of 9.2/10. So why did we not put this up before the previous one. Well, simply speaking, its availability and its higher cost.

Located very close to Melbourne Park – it’s around a 10-15-minute walk to the tennis – the Luxuries CBD Apartment with Views have free WiFi for starters. But more vitally if you are looking to book this one, do it very early or else lose out on the chance of doing it. We tried booking different dates at this place and got one availability after four attempts.

As far as the amenities, the WiFi aside, it’s not too different from Mantra on Jolimont. The addition being a Barbecue and Spa Bath. Click on the link below and you can check out the property’s pictures – one of the finest around!

Book your room at the Luxuries CBD Apartment with Views in Melbourne here.

Luxury Penthouse with amazing Views

Another apartment, but this is if luxury is more your thing. It’s the whole apartment at your disposal and can with a river view, it can handle six people comfortably which might be needed if you want to split the high costs. However, if you are on a special vacation, for instance on a honeymoon trip, and have the extra dough in your pocket, this is the property you must at least have a look.

This penthouse is just 500 meters from the Eureka Tower, which incidentally is one of the things you can do while you are in Melbourne for the Australian Open. Other than that, the Southbank Promenade is a six-minute walk away and the property itself is in the Melbourne CBD, a nine-minute walk from St Paul’s Cathedral.

There’s free WiFi available to go with cable flat-screen TV, a washing machine and a kitchen with dishwasher.

Among other landmarks close to this property are the Federation Square (800 m away), Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (900 m apiece).

Check out the photographs of this Luxury Penthouse by clicking here & if you do not have your jaw hit the floor, we would be very surprised. Oh, and did we mention, it’s Booking.com rating is 9.8/10.

3BR Apartment at Victoria Tower Southbank

As far as luxury is concerned, the previous one takes the cake but if you are looking at an accommodation for more people, and at an affordable price, this 3BR apartment at Victoria Tower Southbank sounds more apt. Up to eight people can stay here and that reduces the rate per person per night as well to quite a manageable level.

What more, it’s not more than a couple of kilometers away from the Rod Laver Arena at Melbourne Park and rated higher than the previous one at Booking.com – a whopping 9.9/10. According to reviews mentioned on the website, people find this a very high value for money.

One of the bedrooms has a king-size bed, two other bedrooms have queen-size beds while the living room has two sofa beds which should allow eight travellers to fit in comfortably especially if it’s for two or three nights. The rest of the amenities remain the same – free WiFi, a flat-screen TV, air-conditioning, PS3 game console and private bathroom among others.

Book this 3BR Apartment at Victoria Tower Southbank by clicking here and walk over to the Australian Open every day you are at Melbourne.

Other High Quality Melbourne Hotels near the Australian Open:

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