Looking to understand how much players earn at the US Open? Find below a breakdown of the player prize money earning at every stage of the 2020 US Open starting from the qualifiers of the men’s and women’s singles main draw to the rest of the competitions.

The prize money at the tennis’ grandest Slam got even greater last year and offered a record amount of total player compensation going over the $57 million mark for the first time ever in tournaments history.

Both the men’s and women’s singles champions got an amazing prize money of $3,850,000 to take home. On the other hand, men’s and women’s doubles team received an individual amount of $740,000 as prizes which also total up to represent the richest amount in the history of US Open history and even in the history of Grand Slam tournaments.

The huge total was about eight percent more than what was given out in 2018 with payouts for each round being the highest ever recorded in the history of all the four Grand Slams. Moreover, significant increases were made to the prize money for the players those got out in the early rounds itself.

Surprisingly, the prize money for the first round has increased over 47 per cent in the past four years. Players who lost in the second round received $100,000 which was actually the total compensation amount in the very first US Open in 1968. Whoever participated in the qualifying tournament say a huge increase in payouts.

It offered an increase of 20 per cent topping $3.5 million for the very first time.

US Open was also originally the first tournament to offer equal prize money to both women and men in 1973 and took another great initiative in 2019.

They incorporated with USTA which owns the entire tournament and also operates it made a payment of one million dollars to the WTA and ATP for transition programs for players which even includes a pension which is another first among all the Grand Slam Tournaments.

Players like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic combined have earned over $400 million in prize money in their tennis careers and not to say even more in endorsements.

To estimate the amount of money given out as the Grand Slam tennis prize money has risen up, $100,000 was the total amount of money that was awarded to tennis players in the 1968 US Open.

US Open Men’s & Women’s Singles Prize Money for 2020

RoundPrize Money
Fourth Round$475,000
Third Round$266,000
Second Round$156,000
First Round$93,000

US Open Men’s & Women’s Doubles Prize Money for 2020

RoundPrize Money
Fourth Round$85,275
Third RoundN/A
Second Round$46,563
First Round$27,876

US Open Mixed Doubles Prize Money for 2020

RoundPrize Money
Fourth Round$15,000
Third RoundN/A
Second RoundN/A
First Round$10,000