Founded in 1923, Volkl used to manufacture skis, before moving into snowboards and tennis-related equipment. If you are looking for more information on Volkl racquets, we have it all covered here. Here’s the ultimate guide on the Volkl Tennis Racquets along with its review, price and how to buy these Volkl racquets.

Any tennis player knows mastering specific techniques isn’t easy, but it’s easier with the right tennis equipment. One of the most important accessories when playing tennis is your tennis racquet that becomes like a second arm, helping you learn the fundamentals so that you can control the court better.

Playing tennis requires a high level of mental toughness because professional players could be on the court for several hours before the game is won. Before climbing the levels and becoming a professional, you will undergo hours of training to perfect your shots. The making of a winner requires hours of practice, fine tuning those shots and perfecting your serve.

Upon using your racquet, stand in a good position with correct posture. Use your body weight as a guide to go into the shot rather than placing the strain on your arm.

Volkl Racquet Types

A lightweight racquet like the Volkl V-Feel V1 Pro is a wonderful choice of racquet that won’t add strain on the arm when trying out new techniques.

With so many techniques to master it’s essential to get the right racquet. For example, players wanting a lightweight racquet for practicing their two handed backhand could not go wrong with the Volkl V-Feel V1 MP. Practicing your backhand is about being used to using your non-dominant hand.

The Volkl V-Feel V1 MP is perfect for backhand, this is the racquet for players who are intermediate as it provides maneuverability and is easy to play with. It provides comfort, easy access spin and control. The headsize is 102in² with a string pattern of 16×19.

If you are looking for loads of power and spin, the Volkl V-Feel V1 OS is the perfect racquet for it. It helps perform the kick serve shot well as it gets great topspin and makes the ball jump high. It’s comfortable to play with and won’t cause strain on your arm. It has a headsize 110in² and string pattern 16×19.

The V-Feel 5 gives spin, speed and accuracy on the court. It has been updated introducing dampening technologies that makes it fantastic to play on the courts. It has a headsize of 100in² and string pattern of 16×18.

A combination of power and comfort can be found with the Volkl V-Feel 1 for players. It is an updated version of the V-Sense 1 and is perfect for new players and anyone who needs a racquet that is easy to use. The headsize is 115in² with a string pattern of 16×17 and its overall length is 27.8″.

The Volkl V-Feel 10 (320) gives a heavier feel and is sturdy for players with more experience. Considering the weight, it plays quickly and it measures in head size 98in², its string pattern is 16×19.

The Volkl V-Feel 10 (300) is more lightweight delivering excellent feel, spin and control for experienced players. It has been updated in 2018 to add an improved feel and more stability. Its headsize is 98in² with a string pattern of 16×19.

The Volkl V-Feel 2 suits newbie’s to tennis as well as professionals. It is comfortable to use and is a strong, oversize racquet, designed to get the most out of the game. The head size is 115in² with a string pattern of 16×19.

The Volkl V-Feel 9 has more power and is a dangerous weapon for the aggressive baseliner. It is a racquet for advanced players and has a headsize of 100in² and string pattern of 16×19.

The Volkl V-Feel 8 (300g) is wonderful for playability and comfort. The 8 line allows players to control their shots better. The 16×18 string pattern helps when applying topspin. However, the characteristics are not as robust as they are in the Pure Aero, PD or the Wilson Burn.

The technological advances in this racquet have helped to improve playability. Improvements like V-Cell, a lightweight polymer, added to various parts of the frame improved the feel and response. Changes were made to the butt cap and handle dampening system that makes a powerful impact on shock absorption.

The V-Feel 1 brings new technologies to the V-Sense 1 whilst still upholding the same power and comfort that is perfect for newbie tennis players. Similar to past generations the V Feel 1 has a Power Arm, a free throat piece that anchors the middle of the main strings. The Power Arm leads to an increase in shock absorption and power.

There are many Volkl racquets in the range and all have different technologies helping the player perfect their game. Take time to choose a good racquet that will be your companion in the game.

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