Wilson first came to the market in 1914, yet now produces a wide range of different racquets and here we provide you with all the information on these Wilson racquets. Read on to get the ultimate guide on the Wilson Tennis Racquets along with its review, price and how to buy these Wilson racquets.

Wilson focus on cutting edge technology and fresh ideas for their brand. The brand is not just interested in how their racquets perform on the pitch, but focus on the culture of the racquet also.

They focus strongly on being on trend. One big step for Wilson is focusing on special edition racquets and asking what the consumer needs to enjoy their game more.

Incidentally, Wilson doesn’t make just tennis racquets. It also includes the manufacturing of other tennis equipment but more importantly, they aren’t restricted to just tennis. Which is why the company is called Wilson Sporting Goods, and it makes equipment for the likes of soccer, badminton, American football, basketball, baseball, fastpitch softball, racquetball, golf, squash, tennis and volleyball.

Types Of Wilson Tennis Racquets

They have developed many racquets, all with different features that will help a player improve their game. For instance, Wilson Clash 100 is a fantastic racquet that is technologically advanced, offering low and comfortable flex points without compromising on strength or stability.

The Clash series is just one of Wilson’s range, but there are a lot more and some of these will be discussed in this article.

Wilson Ultra series uses the latest technology creating quick, firm and spin friendly shots. They are stiffer to hold and come in a range of head sizes and weights.

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Wilson Ultra 95 Countervail is the racquet for speed and power on the pitch. Fantastic for intermediates or professional player’s.

On the other hand, the Wilson Clash 100 Tour is an up-to-date racquet for those player’s that like easy spin and power that is better to control. The head size is 100inĀ² and string pattern: 16×19.

What’s more it looks great on the court and player’s like Roger Federer, Borna Coric and Alex De Minaur are players who have used it.

The Wilson Clash 100 is slightly lighter than the Tour version with a unique flexibility that gives a lot of spin, speed and feel. This racquet is perfect for intermediate players.

The Wilson Pro Staff is not only stylish but, give precision and strength. It has more flexible beams that give a smoother response.

These racquets have heads that are 97 square inches or less. They can be bought in a range of weights, from heavier, stable to lighter and quicker depending on your needs. In fact, Roger Federer helped to create the Pro Staff series.

The black and white design of the Wilson Pro Staff 97 makes it stand out on the court. This racquet is suitable for intermediate or professional player’s who need something with speed.

For players that like more playability then they should seriously consider this racquet. The Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Black is an extremely popular seller which has been designed with intricate details.

In fact, it is destined to be a collector’s item. Then there is the Wilson Pro Staff 97 Countervail Black that is elegant and stylish. It mimics the racquet that Federer uses whilst on tour.

The Clash is a racquet quite unlike any of the others in the range. It is a tennis racquet that stands out for all the right reasons. The frame is flexible and offers great stability. Wilson used a new technology when developing this racquet that of FreeFlex.

FreeFlex allows the frame to bend both horizontally and vertically unlike the traditional frame. It is manufactured to improve ball pocketing, enhance feel with firm control. The normal creation of a racquet takes around 18 months from the first concept, but Wilson doubled that for the Clash.

It took Wilson over a year to develop the Camo line. Furthermore, the Ultra 100 Countervail is one of the most versatile racquets in the game using technology that increases the player’s energy and utilizes power technology.

Wilson is a brand that is familiar with many player’s worldwide and offers something a bit different. Hopefully this article will have helped you understand the brand a bit better.

Some of the Top Players Sponsored by or Using Wilson:

Roger Federer
Juan Martin del Potro
David Goffin
Grigor Dimitrov
Kei Nishikori
Gael Monfils
Milos Raonic
Serena Williams
Venus Williams
Victoria Azarenka
Simona Halep
Pete Sampras
Jim Courier
Stefan Edberg

Best Way to Buy Wilson Racquets:

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