WTA Moscow Open TicketsThe Moscow River Cup 2018 will be the first edition of the tournament and will be played on outdoor clay courts in Moscow, Russia. Looking for the WTA Moscow Open tickets for the 2018 season? Here’s more…

The event will be one of the two WTA events to be played in Moscow, with the other being the Kremlin Cup. Being the very first edition, the event is going to feature some of the most talented ladies on the WTA Tour. If you happen to find yourself in Moscow between July 23 and July 29, you should definitely consider attending the matches.

In this article, we will tell you how to buy tickets for the Moscow River Cup 2018. The WTA Moscow Open tickets are available for sale on the official website of the tournament – moscowrivercup.com.

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In case of any ticketing queries, you can get in touch with the officials over the following:

· Contact number: +7-495-540-4944, +7-929-577-0533 (VIP Tickets)
· Email id: info@moscowrivercup.com

There are four categories of seats available: Ground Ticket, Standard, VIP and VIP Box. All tickets, irrespective of the category, will give you access to the National Tennis Centre territory where you can participate in recreational activities.

Ground Tickets will fetch you access to Court No. 1 and Court No. 2, where there is unrestricted seating. Please keep in mind that this ticket does not give you access to the Centre Court. The starting price of these tickets is 150 Rubles.

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The Standard Tickets will give you access to the Centre Court, along with the ground courts. This ticket is perfect for those who are looking to attend all the matches of the tournament. The prices of these tickets start at 1,000 Rubles and depending on the day and the location of the seats chosen, they can cost anywhere up to 5,000 Rubles and more.

The Moscow Open VIP Tickets are quite similar to the Standard Tickets, except they give you access to the VIP restaurant and the VIP section of the Centre Court. The seats in these categories are quite close to the court and they offer an excellent view of the action. The prices here start at 5,000 Rubles and can go up to 10,000 Rubles and more.

VIP Box tickets are suitable for those people who are looking to enjoy the matches from the VIP Stands in groups. VIP Boxes can fit up to 16 people and just like the VIP tickets, they too come with access to the VIP restaurant and reserved parking. These tickets are priced at 100,000 Rubles.