Here we update the latest WTA rankings live every Monday to give you the top women’s tennis players in the world.

The WTA rankings are defined and controlled by the Women’s Tennis Association. This ranking system by Women’s Tennis Association was introduced in November 1975.

The WTA ranking system is based on a well-defined and merit-based 52-week tennis calendar. This ranking is updated every Monday with an exception to the period of a Grand Slams, Miami tournaments, and Indian Wells since they are two-week events.

The Ranking System

The WTA Ranking System is seen as a complex system to novice and not fully understood by most people but is actually quite straightforward. Like we stated earlier, the system is based on a cumulative system based on 52 weeks.

It takes into cognizance the sum of all the players’ points over various tournaments that is not more than 16 singles and also 11 doubles events that are played during the calendar year or 52 weeks.

Since this ranking is based on the number of games played within 52 weeks, points are given or awarded based on how far the player goes in a given tournament.

Point Awards

In calculating a players ranking, the nature of the tournament contributes significantly. Different tournaments carry a different point. Some of these high ranking tournaments include

  • 4 Grand Slam
  • The WTA Finals
  • The 4 Premier Mandatory event
  • Best two outcomes at the Premier 5 tournament (For the top twenty players).

To get into the WTA Ranking, the player is then weighted in two different scales. The first duty is to add up all the points garnered in at least three professional games that the player participated in.

The second method of measuring or weighing the player’s point is for the player to win 10 or more points in the course of a tournament. These rules are bounding for players playing a single or double match.

Use of the WTA Ranking

With the ranking of the WTA, it is used to determine the top-seeded players of each tournament and also to ascertain the top ten players. With this, each of the players is then expected to defend her points in the subsequent year.

Losing one’s points can lead to the dropping in places in the WTA Ranking. The lesser the player’s point, the more likely it is for the player to climb up in the positions. Also, winning more points exposes one to the likelihood of dropping in ranking when faced with a bad year or games. This system can be seen to be inversely proportional.

List of Points for Matches

Different matches and tournaments come with different scores. In the game of tennis, winning the trophy is not just the ultimate as the player also amasses points from each Grand Slam win. Tournaments like the Grand Slam tournaments, Wimbledon, Roland Garros, the US Open and the Australia Open. The matches from this tournament yield the following points

  • The winner of the tournament amasses 2,000 WTA points
  • The runner-up in the tournament gets 1,400 WTA points
  • A semi-finalist gets 900 points
  • A quarterfinalist gets 500 points
  • Getting to fourth rounds gets 280 WTA points and so on…