Yonex Racquets are manufactured by a Japanese company called, Yonex who produce premium racquets for all levels and abilities. And if you are looking for more information on Yonex racquets, we have it all covered here. Here’s the ultimate guide on the Yonex Tennis Racquets along with its review, price and how to buy these Yonex racquets.

Yonex started production in the 1950s and are now a global company that is also a household name.

If you are ready to buy a new racquet, then you won’t go wrong with Yonex, but with so many racquets it can be difficult to know which one to choose, this article will help you decide which racquet to choose.

Tennis is a game that players are passionate about and when buying a new racquet, it is important to take care and consideration. Your racquet will become your friend that helps you win matches and will be more than just an accessory. When hitting balls and winning games, your racquet becomes part of your body rather than something separate.

Today, you don’t even have to go to a shop to buy a racquet but, have lot’s of options online. In fact, it can sometimes be cheaper buying online and it is certainly easier.

Yonex Racquet Types

The VCore 98 305g Galaxy Black has a head size of 632 cm², a string pattern of 16/19 and its weight unstrung is 305g.

The VCore 100 300g Galaxy Black has a head size of 645 cm², string pattern 16/19 and weight unstrung 300g. It is ideal for speed, spin and accuracy.

Yonex VCORE is manufactured using the most current technology and combines this with the new kind of tennis racquet providing easier spin every time.

The VCORE is one of Yonex’s most powerful line of racquets that creates more spin than ever before. This is created due to the stiffer frame which makes more spin and power in the EZONE. The great aspect with this tennis racquet is that it can quickly go from defense to offense by allowing the player to hit higher trajectory spin balls. This is the perfect range for the modern tennis player.

The VCORE has a smoother, softer touch than the older VCORE SV line, providing more comfort and power on spin. The four important improvements on this racquet from the previous design are aero trench, liner trench, enhanced aero, fin and namd.

Provides a high level of spin on the ball with the VCORE incorporating the latest Yonex technology. With both the Aero Trench and Liner Trench, the strings are much straighter in angle creating powerful spin.

Liner Trench is where the strings enter the racquet at a straighter angle. This helps to increase the spin on the ball.

Enhanced Aero helps enhance the sweet spot on the racquet and has more power and spin on the racquet by using the latest technologies.

Due to grooves in the top hoop and outside of the frame’s head, it reduces wind resistance by 14%. Therefore, resulting in quicker head speed, improved pace and spin. The 2018 series adds Aero Fins to the underneath of the head to decrease wind drag and improve speed.

Namd is a material technology that works by improving the flexibility in the graphite layers in important areas. Advantages include; increased power, shaft torque and spin.

The line of Yonex VCORE include; Yonex VCORE 98 (305) Galaxy, Yonex VCORE 100 (300) Galaxy, Yonex VCORE Game Galaxy, Yonex VCORE 98+ Racquets, Yonex VCORE 100+ and Yonex VCORE 100 (280) Racquets to name a few.

VCORE are the perfect racquet for aggressive baseliners at all different levels. Yonex racquets stand out from other brands because they are more cushioned and flexible.

Yonex design innovative racquets that push the limits of the possibilities on the tennis pitch. One technological advancement is the Isometric head shape of the racquet, this is perfect for the sweet spot with a larger hitting area that will help you win more games.

Some more Yonex lines include; VCORE PRO Series, VCORE Series, EZONE Series, VCORE SV Series, ASTREL and Junior Series.

The V Core Pro is the traditional box beam design with the frame most suitable for control and feel. The V Core is specifically designed for quick swinging and a lot of spin, similar to the Head Speed line. The E Zone is geared towards juniors with a lot of power and spin.

With each of the Yonex racquets there are differences in flex, weight and head size so it helps to experiment with a few before making your decision.

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Some of the Top Players Using or Sponsored by Yonex Racquets:

Lleyton Hewitt
Stanislas Wawrinka
Nick Kyrgios
Juan Mónaco
Angelique Kerber
Naomi Osaka
Eugenie Bouchard
Ana Ivanovic
Martina Hingis

Best Way to Buy a Yonex Racquet:

We will update this section with all the latest information on how to buy a Technifibre racquet.