Geneva Open TicketsThe 2018 edition of ATP Geneva Open is set to take place in Geneva from Sunday, May 20. If you happen to find yourself in Geneva around that time, you should definitely consider going for the tournament. In this article, we have prepared a comprehensive guide on how to purchase Geneva Open tickets for the​ 2018 season​.

The official ticketing partners of the tournament are Ticketcorner and Fnac. It is recommended that you purchase your tickets from these retailers only. The prices mentioned in this article are in Swiss Francs. In case of any queries, you can always contact the tournament officials at the following:

Email –,

Phone – +41(0)225102325

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The tickets are available across three categories of seats – Category 1, Category 2, and Category 3. Needless to mention, Category 1 seats are the superior most kind and as a result, cost the most. The table below states the ticket prices for different days of the tournament, for different category of seats.


Category1 (CHF)Category2 (CHF)Category


3 (CHF)

1st Round604525
2nd Round856545
Season Pass500390280


For children aged less than 16 years, the aforementioned prices are halved.

If you are looking for a more royal experience to enjoy the matches at Geneva Open, then you can consider opting for hospitality packages. These hospitality packages are split across two categories – Box Seats and Privilege Seats. Each of these seats offers an excellent view of the centre court and is undoubtedly the best seat in the house. Furthermore, these seats also include food and beverages.

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The box seats can cost anywhere above CHF 27,000 + VAT, for six people, for the entire duration of the tournament (8 days). Privilege Seats are relatively cheaper, starting at just CHF 500. For more information on these, you can download the brochure from the official website.

Buy your Geneva Open tickets for 2018 using the information below before they are sold out.​