Buy the latest Barcelona Open Tickets online here.Are you looking for information on how to buy Barcelona Open tickets for the next edition? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled here a comprehensive guide to help you make the most of Barcelona Open 2018.

The tickets for the Barcelona Open are already out for sale. They can be purchased on the official tournament website. Barcelona Open also has a couple of official ticketing partners, namely and

Alternately, you can also call the ticket hotline at +34-902-044-226 to inquire about the seats available in the Pista Central. If you are looking to purchase tickets for a group, then it is recommended that you call this hotline.

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You can also buy tickets for ATP Barcelona at the ticket office, located at Bosch I Gimpera St. However, this can be only done two days before the tournament begins.

Coming to the seating plan, the Center Court stands are divided into three categories – B/D Stands, which are placed higher, A/C Stands, which are placed lower and lastly, the F Stand, which is right at the front. Needless to mention, the price for each category increases with F Stand being the costliest.

The price for the qualifiers is 9 € and is same throughout the Court. As for the first round, the cheapest tickets can be bought for 14 € in the B/D Stands. If you’re looking for a finer experience, then you can go for the F Stand, which is priced at 35 € for the first round.

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As the tournament progresses, these prices increase. Tickets for the 2nd round and the round of 16 matches can be bought for 50 € in the higher stands. The front row seats for the same cost 95 € while the lower stands are priced at 65 €.

The tickets for semifinals and finals cost the same – 85 € in the higher rows, 110 € in the lower rows and 140 € for the front row seats.

If you are a tennis buff looking to attend the whole tournament, then you can opt for an event pass, starting at just 235 € for B/D Stands.

Apart from enjoying high-octane matches, you can also visit the tournament Village full of exciting events and treats for the foodie in you. You’ve plenty of options to choose from, starting with Village Loung, VIP Restaurant, and La Terraza Market.